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The Danish team has become the second qualified for the World Cup Qatar 2022, after its German counterpart, after its victory over Austria 1-0 in the eighth round of Group F matches.

Denmark owes this victory to Italian Atalanta player Joachim Mihli, who scored the game’s only goal in the 53rd minute, to give the Vikings team the full mark with 24 points from eight victories.

Denmark is the only team to win all eight of its qualifying matches with 27 goals and a clean sheet.

With the guarantee of qualification, Scotland’s efforts remain to maintain its second position, after strengthening it with a difficult victory over the Faroe Islands 1-0.

With this goal scored by Lyndon Dykes in the 86th minute, Scotland raised its score to 17 points, and the Zionist entity behind it in third place with 13 points, after beating Moldova 2-1.

Thus, Austria, the fourth with 10 points, the fifth with four points, and the last Moldavia with one point, are out of the competition.

And the Hungarian national team defeated its counterpart and host England, after imposing a 1-1 draw, in Group I.

The “Three Lions” team maintained the lead in the group with 20 points, but it held its mission to reserve a direct qualification ticket to the football wedding, as it was no longer only 3 points ahead of Poland, which won over its host Albania 1-zero, which moved further away from the competition, where She is behind in third place with 15 points.

England, who fell into the draw for the second time, did not benefit from their armament with a series of 12 consecutive victories at home in the World Cup qualifiers (before this evening’s match), as they did not taste the taste of defeat at Wembley since their defeat against Germany with a clean goal in 2000. Note that Hungary’s last victory dates back to 59 years ago, specifically to the 1962 World Cup.

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Hungarian “Hollings” clashed with English police and Wembley stadium observers shortly after the start, before local police imposed calm after a clash that lasted for several minutes.

These clashes brought to mind the unfortunate events that accompanied the first leg between the two teams, where England swept Hungary at home 4-0, in a confrontation that was overshadowed by abuse and racist chants from the fans of the host team.

In the same group, Andorra defeated San Marino 3-0.

Sweden took the lead in Group B from Spain, after beating its host Greece 2-0.

The Swedish team took the lead with its fifth victory against a loss with 15 points, two points ahead of its injured Spanish counterpart, after losing 1-2 in the European Nations League final against France on Sunday.

Greece, which lost to Sweden for the second time in the last eight matches between them in various competitions, froze at 9 points in third place from two wins, 3 draws and one defeat.

At the Friends Arena in Solna, Sweden avenged its 1-2 first-leg loss to Greece in the sixth stage, and opened the scoring thanks to the German Leipzig striker Emil Forsberg, from a penalty kick in the 59th minute after a foul by Konstantinos Mavrobanos on Real Sociedad striker Alexander Isak, to reinforce the latter. His team scored the second goal with a left-footed shot from close range to the lower right corner after a pass from Robin Olsen (69).

The referee sent off Greek defender Pantelis Khantidiakos in the 86th minute.

In a marginal match within the same group, Georgia won its first victory in the qualifiers, after losing its host Kosovo 2-1.

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Georgia advanced to fourth place with 4 points, equal with its bottom Kosovar counterpart, but with a goal advantage in favor of the first.

The Serbian national team continued its hold on to the top of Group A by defeating Azerbaijan 3-1, despite the fact that Portugal swept its guest Luxembourg 5-0, including Cristiano Ronaldo scored a “hat-trick”.

Serbia’s Fiorentina striker Dusan Vlavovic scored the hat-trick (30 penalty kick, 53) and Ajax winger Dusan Tadic (83 penalty kick), while Amin Mahmudov scored Azerbaijan’s only goal (45 + 2).

Serbia took the lead in the last round, with a difficult victory over hosts Luxembourg 1-0.

By defeating Azerbaijan, which suffered its sixth loss from seven matches with an orphan point at the bottom of the group, Serbia raised its score to 17 points from seven matches at the top.

Thus, the Seleção team became second, with a point difference of 16, but with a match less, after its 5-0 victory over Luxembourg, including a hat-trick for national team star Ronaldo.

Portugal’s goals were scored by Manchester United stars Ronaldo (8 and 13 penalties and 87), Bruno Fernandes (18), and Sporting Joao Balenia (69).

Ronaldo’s hat-trick came in a match in which he raised his absolute record of international goals to 115 in his 182 international match, after he had broken during the Qatar friendly the European record recorded in the name of the Spanish star of Paris Saint-Germain, Sergio Ramos.

Despite the harsh loss, Luxembourg is third with six points, in front of Ireland fourth with five points.

Source: AP

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