Dennis Doms: So the student came to the “police call” role


In “Polizeiruf 110: The place from which the clouds come” (15.9.) He plays the neglected Polou, the patrolman Elisabeth “Bessie” Eyckhoff (Verena Altenberger) and her colleagues Cem (Cem Lukas Yeginer) and Maurer (Andreas Bittl) gives up big puzzles. How the Munich student Dennis Doms (15) came to the role and how he will watch the first broadcast, the sympathetic and facing teenager told the news agency spot on news in an interview on the sidelines of a preview event, which he visited with his parents ,

How did you hear about the BR looking for a boy for a movie?

Dennis Doms: One day at my school, there was a note saying they were looking for a boy for a movie. At first I thought that I did not want to do that because firstly I have no time and secondly I also thought that I was not ready yet. But a little later my headmaster stood in front of me and said: “You are talented, Dennis, just try it!” He knew me from the school theater performances. Then I applied and was invited to the castings.

What did you play at the school performances?

Dennis: Very different roles in funny and thoughtful pieces. For example, in “Chess 2.0” I played a tower. But we've also done a thriller – with me as the culprit. And last year I was a burglar.

Do you get acting lessons at the school?

Dennis: Yeah, right, we have training and rehearsals every Thursday and at the end of the school year our play is performed.

Do you have bad stage fright?

Dennis: Well, stage fright, I would not call it directly. You can tell that there is something there. But that goes away after a while when you experience the situation more often. Of course, the excitement is much greater at a film screening in front of an audience.

What is it like to see yourself on a big screen in a movie?

Dennis: It's very funny to see yourself like that. Also because I really look so different, not so neglected. But I really like what came out and am very happy that I was allowed to play. It was great fun.

How was it for you to play the Polou? It is not an easy role with little language and a lot of facial expressions and gestures.

Dennis: Some scenes were really hard, like the hypnosis scene in which Polou has to remember Bessie (Verena Altenberger, editor's note).

In the scene where you bite into an apple, you and your parents laughed a lot. Why?

Dennis: Firstly, because I do not stuff half an apple into my mouth without biting off. We also had to repeat that very often – even though I'm not the biggest fan of apples (laughs).

How was it after such a day of shooting? Could you switch off in the evening?

Dennis: After a day of shooting, I always prepared myself for the next day's shooting at home and read through the scenes in the script. Of course, but you take a lot of Gendanken and emotions from the set, because unfortunately, there is really something in this world. But although it was not an easy role, I'm glad I was allowed to play it.

How was the collaboration with Verena Altenberger?

Dennis: When I first watched her play, I just thought, Wow! But I also like her privately and I'm glad that I met her. We really had a lot of fun on the set.

Do you want to take more acting classes now or are you going to get what you learn in school?

Dennis: I'm going on with the school as normal now, because it helps to learn a lot in the future, of course. But after school, I would like to play a role in acting.

How do you watch the first broadcast on Sunday?

Dennis: We're watching the movie on Sunday with the family and the film crew.


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