Dennis Richards, Charlie Sheen and does the actress regret their marriage

We are used to believing that most couples who break up remain in a not-so-beautiful relationship. Often times it even happens that at least one of the two regrets the romance with the other. Especially if the relationship has been filled with upheavals and challenges. But Dennis Richards doesn’t think so.

How does Charlie Sheen get along with his ex?

After all the problems and the divorce

The fact is that she and Charlie Sheen kept the good tone after the end of their relationship. And the best thing left of her are their two daughters – that’s what the actress thinks. Today, she goes back in time and talks about her divorce from her ex-husband.

Richards split from Sheen in 2006 when she was six months pregnant with their second daughter. In all likelihood, her decision wasn’t easy, but she asked herself, “Would I want my daughters to marry a man like that? I don’t want to offend anyone, but that’s the truth,” she told the host of the Divorced Not Dead podcast. Caroline Stanbury.

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We all know that Charlie Sheen has long struggled with substance abuse and has been the subject of several allegations of sexual assault. However, the actress is adamant that she does not regret her marriage to Charlie, “because I truly believe that he and I were brought together to have these children.” They are the parents of two girls – Sami (18) and Lola (17).

Denise Richards has retained legal custody of their children, but wants them to have a relationship with their father as well. “When he was in good shape, I wanted the girls to get to know their father for who he was, not what he struggled with. I wanted them to get to know him for themselves, not read about him.”

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In June, 18-year-old Sami announced that she had an account on OnlyFans, a platform with most of its content intended for adults.

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Charlie Sheen initially criticized his daughter, but later changed his mind and came out in support of her. And he admits that Denise has “illuminated various important moments that he hastily neglected and dismissed”.

“Now more than ever, it’s important that Sami has united parents to rely on as she embarks on this new adventure. She’ll have it in abundance from now on,” Bang Showbiz recalls.

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