Denuvo 6.0 piracy protection compromised – News


In the last two months, many publishers have been able to protect their games using the latest version of Denuvo's piracy protection. And although it took some time for the crackers, it seems that the latest version, which is now called Denuvo 6.0, has been compromised.

A group of hackers was able to hack the latest version of Total War: Three Kingdoms, which was protected with Denuvo 6.0.

I wonder if publishers will remove protection from their games to improve their performance. Players really like Denuvo's practice of eliminating games from games, so this can serve as a good informational guide at least.

It is important to note that the hacker group that violated the latest version of the defense recently stated the following:

Denuvo is dead: we can hack all games with Denuvo, regardless of whether they use the old or the new version.

It is not yet known if this is actually true, since there are currently many games that use the latest version of Denuvo that have not yet been discovered.


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