Depeche Mode in Antwerp: tightrope walker on rock and electro

After “My Cosmos is Mine”, it’s “Wagging Tongue”, another excerpt from Memento Mori to be played in a minus version kraftwerkienne than the original. If the tension is already palpable, the spark really occurs from the third title with a dantesque interpretation, supported by a blood red luminous atmosphere, of “Walking In My Shoes”.

Something quite rare for the huge Antwerp hall, the entire audience is already standing, even on the side of the most set back stands. This communion with the fans will not fall for a moment throughout the concert. Then follows “It’s No Good”, “Sister of Night” and a “In Your Room” which slams in very electric guitar mode. Because yes this Saturday Depeche mode decided to play the balancing act between rock and electro. When Martin Gore sings the great classic of the 80’s “Everything Counts” in front of a screen projecting a silhouette all gloved in white wiggling to the rhythm of the piece, he does it in a techno style of the most up-tempo.

What is most striking is the band’s desire to bring their repertoire back to life live with different and often surprising approaches. This perfectly mastered diversion of the original works is successful thanks to the support of real drums. These organic percussions are there to eclipse the usual drum machines at times.

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2023-05-21 07:38:33

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