Deposits with profitability greater than 4% in Spain: myth or reality?

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In times of economic uncertainty, such as those we are currently experiencing, the search for financial products that offer attractive returns and, at the same time, protect the invested capital is essential. That’s why, to hire deposits available in Spain with a profitability greater than 4% It’s kind of like finding the Holy Grail or catching a glimpse of the Loch Ness Monster. Do they really exist? Are they myth or reality? And if not, are there alternatives for those looking to diversify their investments?

After a year of interest rate increases by the European Central Bank – although in the last review on October 26 the highest banking authority decided to freeze rates – it still seems difficult to find savings products in Spain that pay 4%. However, there are some, although they are not offered by large Spanish banks.

“To take advantage of the best deposit offers, you can access Raisinthe leading platform in Europe, which offers fixed terms with a profitability of 4.40% APR for one year. This is an offer from Banca Sistema. Pure gold for those who want to invest a substantial amount, as it requires a minimum capital of 20,000 euros”, explain the experts at Additionally, depositors can rest assured that their funds are protected by the Italian Deposit Guarantee Fund, which protects up to €100,000 per entity and person.

Another investment product that stands out in the market today is Banca Progetto, which offers a deposit to fixed term with a return of 4.30% APR for one year. In this case, furthermore, the minimum investment is more accessible, starting from 10.000 euros, and, like Banca Sistema, the funds are protected by the Italian FGD.

Finally, HelpMyCash experts highlight Facto. A good mine for savers, since it offers two deposits with a profitability greater than 4% APR. On the one hand, one with a fixed term of one year and a yield of 4.06% APR. On the other hand, the Deposit Six-month invoice, at 4.32% APR and a free associated account. Both require an initial investment of 5,000 euros and have, of course, the protection of Italy’s FGD.

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