Business Deposy of partners with eGreen for expansion in the...

Deposy of partners with eGreen for expansion in the UK and Chile

  • BIOTA eV, whose current main project is the IOTA-based repository, has entered into a cooperation with eGreen Limited.
  • The aim of the cooperation is to establish industry associations and test systems in Great Britain and Chile.

Deposy is a project based on IOTA, which is developed by the German association BIOTA eV and on which we at the CNF have already informed repeatedly. BIOTA has developed a deposit system that is intended to create an incentive for waste separation. An additional deposit is charged when purchasing a product that has a special QR code. To do this, the IOTA Tangle serves as a central instance for data processing and storage.

IOTA-based Deposy’s project aims to expand in the UK and Chile

As BIOTA eV announced last Friday, the company and eGreen Limited have entered into a cooperation to promote the introduction of Deposy in the UK and Chile. To this end, both partners will explore the market in both countries and “agree industry partnerships and establish test systems.”

EGreen Limited is a UK company with a Chilean subsidiary, eGreen Chile Spa, and is committed to the development and application of technologies to capture the carbon footprint of large companies and to the development of business models to reduce and offset these emissions. Due to its ‘extensive experience in applying innovative environmental technology’ and its knowledge of the markets and market players in the UK and Chile, eGreen Limited is an ‘ideal partner’ to take the warehouse to the next level, according to BIOTA and. V.

According to the blog post, the Deposy can bring great benefits in both the UK and Chile. The UK has recycling requirements similar to those in Germany and Europe, where companies have a responsibility to promote recycling. According to BIOTA e. V., the same applies in Chile, where a new law on the environmental responsibility of manufacturers has been approved.

In addition, a series of specific regulations and recycling quotas are currently being discussed in Chile, and companies are already obliged to recycle a percentage of their plastics, glass, paper and electronic products. Therefore, both countries are predestined to introduce the BIOTA concept of collecting plastic waste and rare materials directly from the consumer.

According to BIOTA e. V., the idea is “to give the end consumer an incentive to collect and reduce recycling costs by sorting waste according to its type directly at the machine or at the recycling company.” In this way, more “valuable waste” is added to the recycling process. The innovative deposit system can thus in the future, in cooperation with industry, help to better maintain and control recycling rates. ‘

Markus Gebhardt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BIOTA eV, had this to say about the partnership with eGreen:

Protecting the environment and climate are global issues and must also be thought about globally. That is why the cooperation with eGreen Limited is so valuable to get a direct insight into other promising markets.

The CEO of eGreen Limited, Andrés González, sees enormous potential, especially for Chile:

Especially in Chile, due to new legislation, many companies are faced with the task of establishing new processes regarding the circular economy. Deposy can be an approach to positively involve the public in the process and document recycling in a traceable way.


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