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It’s called high-functioning depression, and it often affects entrepreneurs and people with many balls in the air at the same time. However, there are many warning signs that make it possible to detect depression in time.

High-functioning depression often affects entrepreneurs and business leaders who think it’s just normal stress or burnout.

Because the warning signs are at the same time very subtle, it is difficult to detect the form of depression in time, say researchers, writes Fortune.

Symptoms to detect high-functioning depression

There are some concrete symptoms that can be important to think about should they occur, and which can then be the beginning of a high-functioning depression.

They include always feeling tired and hungover despite many hours of sleep, the lack of decision making, even small decisions like what to cook for dinner, or despite spending a lot of time with family and friends, still feeling disconnected mentally .

It is simply about a zombie-like present, where you eat food as usual and are hungry, without enjoying the food.

Even sex, exercise and hobbies fall into the background, there is simply no energy to do them.

Keep track through diary

However, there is help available, even for those who do not have extreme depression but who have high-functioning depression, what is also called “walking around depression”, where a way to follow your own development can be to keep a diary, and thus keep track on if the situation worsens day by day – in order to be able to call in expert help just in case.

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