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Deputy minister of Income is the partner of the owner of the company that sold Health-protective facial for $750,000 | News of The Savior

The official not only is a partner of the representative of the firm that was sold face shields to Health by $750,000; it also shared office.

In the house number 7A of the end of the calle Arturo Ambrogi of the colony Step, until November of last year, it worked the company SYGM Advisors, which sold protective facial overrated to the Ministry of Health in the amount of $750,000, taking advantage of the emergency by the pandemic COVID-19.

The state of emergency allowed the Government to make direct purchases, a mode fast (without tender) which is within the Law of Procurement and Contracting Public Administration (LACAP).

He is Rogelio Cabrera, who according to documents of the Trade Register, is a member of the deputy minister of Income (Ministry of Finance). Cabrera sold 300,000 face shields to Health at a cost of $750,000.

The legal representative of SYGM Advisors is Rogelio Cabrera, a native of the canton of San Francisco in the municipality of San Simon, Morazan. Your work office as a public accountant in San Miguel, say those who know him.

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As a member of Cabrera in the same company appears Jorge Alberto Vasquez Turcios.

Same office, same partners

But in that same house 7-A, also up to November 2019, ran the company SCI Audit Tax Advisory, of which the deputy minister of Revenue of the Ministry of Finance, José Alejandro Zelaya Villalobo, is the legal representative.

So, the Ministry of Health made a business of 750 thousand dollars with a company that lied to him in respect of his domicile, since April didn’t work in the address printed on the purchase document.

However, SYGM Advisors and SCI Audit Tax Advisory not only shared the office but also the deputy minister in Zelaya Villalobo and Rogelio Cabrera are partners, at least so say the legal documents, though sources of The Newspaper Today, who know both the official as to Cabrera, they claim that the true owner of both companies is to Zelaya Villalobo and that Cabrera is only a front men.

CSI Audit Tax Advisory is the company of which the deputy minister of Revenue is the representative lega, but in the same is a partner Rogelio Cabrera, representative of SYGM Advisors, which sold for $750,000 in face shields to the Ministry of Health.

According to documents in the Trade Register on 21 June 2016, Zelaya Villalobo and Cabrera were associated; the first brought $ 75 and second, $ 25. Then, on the 11th of August of that same year registered the company in the National Center of Records.

However, on the website of SCI ( Cabrera is not listed as a partner, but also a certified public accountant Alvaro Bladimir G. B., who when interviewed said he didn’t have any company business with anyone that works independently and that he was surprised that it appeared as a partner of the deputy minister.

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Until yesterday afternoon, the name of Alvaro Bladimir was still on the website as a member of Zelaya Villalobo.

What front men?

In the edition of yesterday, The Journal Today reported that both Rogelio Cabrera as Jorge Alberto Vasquez Turcios were employees of the deputy minister for Zelaya because in their social networks, both claimed to be managers in different areas of the signature of the official.

Sister of the deputy minister aspires to be mayor of The Triumph

Sara Elizabeth Zelaya Villalobo has been postulated as precandidata to the mayor of the municipality where you live, The Triumph, the party of New Ideas, that on the 12th of July will make the internal elections. She is the older sister of the deputy minister of Revenue, José Alejandro Zelaya Villalobo, who yesterday was reported for possible violations of the Law of Government Ethics, due to their alleged links with the company that sold 300,000 face shields to the Ministry of Health, for $750,000.

However, yesterday he managed to have access to public documents that comprise the business relationship of Rogelio Cabrera with the deputy minister of Revenue in the company SCI Audit Tax Advisory, as well as the company SYGM Advisors (of which Cabrera is the legal representative, according to documents) shared the same office in a house where it now operates an office of legal counsel, without any link with Zelaya Villalobo and Cabrera, according to sources of the newspaper.

Following the publication of yesterday, a person said to be the aunt of Vasquez Turcios, said his nephew only provided the name (for the foundation of the company SYGM Advisors) because it is used as a counter, the deputy minister Zelaya Villalobo.

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“And so it was that he stole the name of my nephew to get him in a phantom company of which he doesn’t know what it is…” said the aunt of Vasquez Turcios.

Meanwhile, the deputy minister Zelaya Villalobo, a native of the town El Triunfo, Usulután, has been silent.

Yesterday, in a public way, on the social network Twitter, was asked to an interview to listen to the version on his alleged links with the company SYGM Advisors, recently established and which did a business of $750 thousand with the Ministry of Health, but there was no response.

Sara Elizabeth Zelaya-Villalobos have been enrolled as a precandidata to mayor for the municipality of El Triunfo, department of Usulután, with the party of New Ideas.



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