“As the government of President Piñera could not tear down the project that allows the second AFP withdrawal, they are trying to put the fine print on it.” With these words, the deputy for the O’Higgins region, and head of the PPD bank, Raúl Soto, criticized the government’s position that conditioned its support for the initiative with different limitations.

In this regard, Soto called on the Government “not to introduce fine print to this initiative, since its spirit is that it be for everyone without any type of exclusion, discrimination, or less restriction” and added that “this is a project that it seeks to benefit all AFP affiliates and in this case, also to incorporate all those who are under the life annuity system ”.

He also affirmed that they will not allow “more stones in the way, to continue the processing of an urgent initiative that is advancing strongly.” This, after the approval on Thursday to recast the 3 projects that allow the second withdrawal of 10%, facilitating and accelerating their processing in the Constitution Commission.

“The Government has to understand that the possibility of a self-loan, as proposed, means promoting and increasing the indebtedness of Chilean families in times of economic crisis. On the other hand, we are not going to allow that, within a universal project, they want to establish restrictions and limitations so that these withdrawals are only for the purchase of a home or terminal illness “.

“We call for the project to be approved and dispatched no later than the month of November, so that it begins to run before the end of the year,” concluded the parliamentarian.

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