Deputy Regent of Sukabumi Falls Affected by DHF, at Jampangkulon Hospital, Two DHF Patients Have Died

District Contributor Report Sukabumi M Rizal Jalaludin

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, SUKABUMI vice-regent Sukabumi Iyos Somantri is sick dengue fever dengue (DHF).

It is not yet known for certain the cause of the second person in the Regency Sukabumi, West Java how can it be infected DBD. During confirmation, Iyos confirmed that his condition was affected DBD.

“I have DB (Dengue Fever),” said Iyos via WhatsApp, Wednesday (12/1/2022).

Iyos said that he is currently undergoing treatment at his home.

“Stay at home,” he said.

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Known, DBD is a viral disease carried by mosquitoes and occurs in tropical and subtropical areas.

DHF has occurred since December in the district Sukabumi

Dozens of patients in Jampangkulon Hospital, Districts Jampang Kulon, District Sukabumi, West Java was infected with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF), Saturday (12/25/2021).

Head of Medical Services at RSU Jampang Kulon, dr. Lusi Aptiani said, since September 2021 until now he has received 75 disease patients DBD.

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