Derby | A penalty on Zaniolo? Not at all, he’s offside! And not only…

Referee Insufficient driving: two reds are missing from Rui Patricio and Mancini, Zaniolo is offside in the penalty claimed by the Giallorossi

Complicated match for the referee Guide who struggles to hold a challenge with many episodes. The match director is helped by the players who – beyond a group of no consequences in the final – behave correctly. The first episode relates to Lazio’s advantage; Milinkovic Rui Patricio anticipates hitting the Lazio midfielder. The exit is violent, the goalkeeper delivers a slap between the opponent’s chin and neck. The intervention is clearly violent, the referee extracts the yellow card acquitting the goalkeeper. The intervention should have been sanctioned with a red card, while Guida warns him leaving Roma in eleven men.

On the occasion of the doubling of Lazio, Roma claims for an intervention by Hysaj against Zaniolo in the biancoceleste area. In the Giallorossi home it is the episode that will serve to justify the clear defeat suffered on the field. But how It is clearly evident from the photo, at the moment of Cristante’s launch in the Lazio area, the Roma player is offside. After the contact between Hysaj and Zaniolo, Lazio quickly overturns the attacking front, and scores with Pedro. Guide’s decision is right in this case: the episode in the area – even if revised at the Var – would have generated a free kick to the advantage of Lazio at the limit.

In the second half, the penalty assigned to Roma is an absolute mistake: Zaniolo enters the penalty area, but when he hits the ball, he takes the leg of the Lazio Akpa Akpro in full which is stationary. The Romanist collapses to the ground. The referee awards the penalty, but the error is evident even when looking at a single replay. The Var assesses the situation, but Irrati does not correct the completely wrong decision, confirming the decision taken on the referee’s field. At the end of the game, Mancini misses a red card who – jumping – violently and voluntarily hits Muriqi in the face with an elbow: an episode from television test for the Disciplinary. In the post-game, Zaniolo leaves the field making unorthodox gestures to the spectators present in the stands. This too should be useful material for the sports judge.

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