Desbordes points directly to Larroulet: “The Second Floor has its candidate. What you have to do is stay out “

The presidential candidate of National Renovation, Mario Desbordes, returned to his old facet of critic of the Government, when he took advantage of every instance, when he was a deputy and president of RN, to lash out at Sebastián Piñera and company. This Monday, his target was Cristián Larroulet, the influential boss of La Moneda’s Second Floor.

In an interview with Radio Pattern, Desbordes was consulted about the favorite candidate of the Government facing the primaries of ChileVamos, among which he, the mayor of Las Condes Joaquín Lavín (UDI), that of Providencia Evelyn Matthei (UDI), the former president of BancoEstado Sebastián Sichel and the former Minister of Finance and flag-bearer of Evópoli, Ignacio Briones.

Although he said that he hopes that the Government will be prescient in this matter, he slipped that the Second Floor, commanded by Larroulet, has “its cover.”

“The Second Floor has its cover, and Larroulet its candidate. What he has to do is take care of himself, not get involved. Getting him lucas is fine, but getting beyond that is not appropriate,” he said.

Before the reply of the journalists present, who asked him to say who was Larroulet’s “cover”, Desbordes only said to ask him directly. “Let’s see if Cristián Larroulet ever tells about everything he does from that Second Floor, they would be very surprised,” he added.

Desbordes also had criticism of the government’s absence in the face of the next elections. In that sense, he said they hope they will be, but “as of Monday, because the weekend was not long. The Government knows perfectly what they have done and what they have not done and how their gifts are. The only thing is What I ask is that they be absent until December. Nor can they support the winner of the primaries in Chile Vamos. “

Although Desbordes avoided mentioning it, in Chile Vamos they point out that Larroulet’s “cover” would be the former president of BancoEstado Sebastián Sichel, to whom the influential chief of advisers of the Second Floor of La Moneda would be putting his chips. Sichel represents a threat to Desbordes, considering that there is a band of RN militants – such as the deputy and former advisor of Andrés Allamand, Tomás Fuentes – who insist on having freedom of action to support the former Minister of Social Development.

The social outbreak for the right

Another of the issues he touched on in the interview was the social outbreak and the criticism made by a sector of the right, harsher, to this fact. “They are determined to say that in October there was not a social outbreak, but a criminal one, caused by Nicolás Maduro and by Havana. I do not doubt that there has been violence that cannot be accepted, but they are unaware of the thousands of protesters who paralyzed the country and they asked us for changes, “he says.

“This has to do with a group of people who believe that things in Chile are very good, that it is the country that has advanced the most in Latin America. Have we done it perfect? ​​No, we have done it well, yes. They don’t want us to there is a pension and health reform “, he closed.

This same topic was touched by Desbordes this weekend in an interview with the newspaper Third, where he criticized precisely a sector of the right that analyzed the 18-O.

“To think that solidarity is a concept of the left shows that there are tremendous differences. I believe, personally, that a look at what has happened in Chile in the last two years makes it imperative that we have the ability to move towards a center-right in general with much more capacity to recognize problems. Because there is a sector on the right that believes that everything is fine. That what happened in October 2019 is all fictitious. That there was only violence, because it was led by a left and an international Marxism. And the thousands of people in the streets were puppets or were people who came out of irresponsible no more (…). There are still people in my sector who have a blindfold and who do not want to acknowledge that this country has really changed or demands that we change in many things and is not available for cosmetic issues, “said Desbordes.

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