News Desbordes sends a message to RN: he says that...

Desbordes sends a message to RN: he says that “very complex times are coming for Chile” and announces that it will be “a little removed” from the political contingency

He Defense Minister Mario Desbordes, sent a message to the militants of National renewal after he left the party presidency after being appointed secretary of state.

In a video of more than two minutes long, the authority explained the reasons that led him to accept the position and made a tour of his management as manager of the store.

“I was very happy as party president with a personal political projection that I think was important because, above all, people valued what we have done”Desbordes argued.

In this sense, he stressed that under his directive and together with figures such as the also minister Cristián Monckeberg “RN was installed as the best evaluated party in Chile” and he recognized that his figure also had a good citizen rating, according to surveys.

“When the President calls us in times of crisis, one cannot deny. I can not refuse, it does not correspond. I cannot deny myself for my country and for our beloved Armed Forces ”, expressed the minister.

In this sense, he maintained that “Very complex moments are coming for Chile. Very difficult times are coming for our country, our citizens: the pandemic, the economic crisis and many elections where the Armed Forces. and our government is going to have to pass various tests. That is why I did not hesitate to say yes to President Piñera. ”

Debordes told the National Renewal militants that “He will be a bit removed from the political contingency, because of the work of the Armed Forces. and the position of Minister of Defense. But I’m not going to disappear from RN. I will continue to be a militant, I will continue to be the former president of the RN, and when the President decides that I will not continue here, or when the term ends, well, we will return to the front line of politics. ”

“I am here to continue working for you, to help you, to collaborate with you in what is needed and also to maintain the friendship that has united us for so many years. I ask for your understanding, I ask for your support and I also ask that all of us, together with our government, work for ourselves and work for all the Chileans who need us together. There is no one left here ”, he concluded.


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