News Descaled in the mountain

Descaled in the mountain

Civil Protection of Catalonia (Procicat) has clarified this morning that the area in which federated people can move from today to practice sport and approach the mountains outside its municipal terms is the sanitary region and not the province, as published by BOE (Order SND / 414/2020) on Saturday.

The BOE points out that you can do sports within the limits of the province

In this ministerial order with measures to make the state of alarm more flexible, among many other points, it is detailed that federated athletes “may carry out training individually, in outdoor spaces, twice a day, between 6 am and 10 am and from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., and within the limits of the province in which they have their residence. “But Procicat has determined this morning, also correcting the statement that the General Secretary of l’Esport issued yesterday, that in Catalonia”the territorial unit is the sanitary region

One more element of confusion that worries the Federació d’Entitats Excursionistes de Catalunya (FEEC). In recent weeks, and in response to the unease expressed by its members (more than 40,000), the FEEC had requested that the restrictions on going to the mountains be reversed, in order to be able to practice climbing, hiking and other mountain specialties. The entity welcomes the measure approved by Health and finalized on Saturday in the BOE but fears that the different terminology may cause problems when applying the order.

A hiker descends the Pedraforca along the path parallel to the pie, in a file photo

Province or health region

The difference is not trivial: can I go to Pedraforca?

The difference is not trivial because in the case that the criterion is the province, it means that the federated inhabitants of Barcelona and its metropolitan area can, for example, approach the Pedraforca. by the municipality of Saldes, in Berguedà. If what prevails, as Procicat points out, is the health region, only the residents of the regions of the region will be able to access this iconic mountain. Central Catalonia (Anoia, Bages, Berguedà, Moianès, Osona and Solsonès).

In previous provisions referring to the process of making confinement more flexible, the BOE spoke of provinces or “the territorial reference area for the de-escalation process”, which in the case of Catalonia are the health regions.

At the time of closing this edition, shortly before 12:30, an emergency meeting has been convened between Procicat, the Secretary General d’Esports and the federations to try to clarify the accumulation of confusion and best apply the rule . The number of federated in the different sports in Catalonia is 730,000 people.


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