Deselection of President Wolfgang Dietrich?


eHe does not know what will happen on Sunday. Wolfgang Dietrich shrugs. He has a number of people in his head who could mobilize his opponents, but he does not want to reveal that number. He can only hope, says the president of VfB Stuttgart, that a relatively wide range of people will vote. “It can not be that only the lute determine what the direction of the association,” says Dietrich.

However, it is not just the sounds that want to see him detached. Even the former World Cup champion Thomas Berthold wants to displace the controversial VfB president from the top. “I throw my hat in the ring. At VfB, there must be a sustainable change of direction, “said Berthold of the” Stuttgarter Zeitung “(Saturday edition). The 54-year-old former VfB player aims for the post of a strong chairman of the Bundesliga relegation board.

He wanted to have a representative president by his side. A collaboration with Dietrich exclude Berthold, writes the paper. Should Dietrich survive the question of confidence at the general meeting, Berthold wants to make a new attempt in the next year's regular election.

“The sounds” are, in his description, those who would rather remove him from the club top today than tomorrow. You now have a celebrity colleague. For months, they protested in and around the stadium against the 70-year-olds, they hung “Dietrich-out!” – posters in the city on social networks rave for a long time factual and less objective debates about his person. In particular, his family is suffering, says Dietrich.

There are even “a variety of death threats,” said Stuttgart police chief Franz Lutz the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”. There had been no concrete threats, but drawings on banners or hate slogans in the social media, concretized a spokesman for the Stuttgart police. The VfB had filed a complaint, the Criminal Investigation determined. The anger against Dietrich ultimately led to the vote being taken at the General Assembly on Sunday about his future. A request to remove the President was taken on the agenda.

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