Deserves to be Fight for 7 Prestigious Universities Abroad, Ardian Hafidz Annafi seems to have often done this and hasn’t broken up since he was in elementary school!

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The figure of Adrian Hafidz Annafi

Grid.ID Journalist Report, Novia

Grid.ID – Students SMA named Ardian Hafidz Annafi the middle of a heated discussion.

This is because, Ardian Hafidz Annafi was successfully accepted in seven schools prestigious university abroad.

Amazingly, this Pradita Dirgantara High School student, Boyolali, Central Java is a simple person.

Quoted from, Monday (16/5/2022), Ardian Hafidz Annafi is known as the son of a construction worker and a washing worker.

Ardian’s father, Mardiyono (48), is known to work as a construction worker.

Meanwhile, Ardian, Yuni Puji Astuti (43) opened a laundry business at home.

Of course, knowing that their child has successfully passed on campuses spread across Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, they feel proud.

Unable to contain her tears, Yuni admitted that she just found out that her child was accepted into seven top universities from the WhatsApp group belonging to the parents of Pradipta Dirgantara High School students, Friday (13/5) yesterday.

“I was immediately moved. Happy and happy. Thank God my child was accepted abroad,” he said.

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Yuni continued, Hafidz actually only enrolled in one campus.

However, other universities are said to be interested in making their children as students at several other campuses.

“So the list is one. The one at UBC (University of British Columbia) but then 6 other universities applied to become students,” said Yuni.

Even so, it is said that Hafidz still decided to take his first choice at UBC with a concentration of science.

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Kompas TV added that seven campuses that received Ardian Hafidz Annafi included the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, and The University of Western Australia.

Then Wageningen University, University of Otago and Curtin University, and Victoria University of Wellington.

In fact, the tuition fees for Pradita Dirgantara High School students, Boyolali will be financed directly by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Added back from, Yuni admitted that she never forced her child to study.

However, he who understands that his son prefers to study than play finally tries to set aside money to call a private tutor at home.

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“Because he likes studying. When I was in elementary school, I called him private math and English lessons,” he explained, Sunday (15/5/2022).

Furthermore, Yuni also admits that her child prefers to read books since she was young.

In addition to trying to make her baby happy, Yuni also doesn’t forget to pray for Ardian every night.

“After the tahajjud prayer. I pray for my two children to become Sholeh and Sholihah children,” he said.

Not only Yuni, Ardian admits that his mother always wakes up early before dawn since he was in elementary school until now.

Following in his mother’s footsteps, Ardian continued his busy life by reading novels and other books.

Meanwhile, Insani or Ardian’s religion teacher when he was in elementary school said that Ardian was an outstanding student figure as well as a student who was devout in religion.

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He also saw that his protege never left the Duha prayer.

“Especially before the exam. I asked, it turns out that apart from the Duha prayer, Hafidz (Ardian’s greeting) also prays at night,” he said.

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