Design techniques to address pandemic challenges will be discussed In Latvia

How can design help address the challenges of a pandemic in public space? On Friday, October 1, there will be a Design Walk dedicated to this issue, which will take the form of a discussion on the possibilities of making public places epidemiologically safe using design methods.

On October 1, for the second year in a row, a “Design Walk” will take place in Riga, which will be dedicated to the theme of the pandemic and solving the challenges caused by it, said Gita Deniškāne, a representative of the design organization SEGD Riga Chapter.

At the five stops of the event for one day, participants will have the opportunity to discuss with industry experts, learn practical examples and suggestions on how to make public places epidemiologically safe using design methods.

Deniškāne pointed out that in addition to the usual “Design Walk” formats – seminars, excursions, discussions – this year they are joined by a novelty – practical workshops, the task of which will be to create universally usable solutions in the form of experiments.

Emphasis will be placed on how the organization should be prepared to respond quickly to the changing epidemiological situation in order to fully continue its activities, how to create confidence for visitors and customers in a safe environment, how to design the premises, what materials and technological solutions to choose.

You can register for the “Design Walk” events on the“. The measure is intended for people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 or who have had it. Attendance at the event must be accompanied by a valid Covid-19 certificate stating that the visitor, including the child, has completed a full course of vaccination against Covid-19 or has contracted Covid-19 within the last six months.

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