Desires of Emmanuel Macron criticized by the opposition and by the "yellow jackets" –


The head of state did not make any new social announcements during his television wishes on Monday, December 31st. This lack of new gestures was immediately criticized by some "yellow jackets" mobilized on many sites in France.

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"He lit the fire again, decreed that he would not do anything to help us, if he wants to do something, we will stay there as we have decided."said Marc, 40, who attended the talk with fifteen people near Le Mans. "Frankly, it's deaf, it does not show signs of pacification, people will continue more beautiful"warned Rabah, 52, who had planned to celebrate Christmas Eve on the bridge of Aquitaine in Bordeaux.

On the Champs-Elysées, the Parisian epicenter of the movement, a few dozen "yellow jackets", mixed with tourists and spectators, sang "Macron resignation" and sang Marseillaises at the time of the presidential speech. "I will never listen to him! We do not expect anything from him, we want him to resign"Laetitia Karen, Parisienne, 48 years old.

Emmanuel Macron had announced 10 billion euros of purchasing power to try to meet the demands of "yellow jackets" in a televised speech on December 10th.

"Impostor" and "pyromaniac"

Even the right and left opponents have criticized the wishes of Emmanuel Macron, stating that it will strengthen the mobilization of "yellow jackets". "This president is an impostor" is "An incendiary", launched Marine Le Pen in two successive tweets.

"We do not know why, but everything that says falls flat, and when we understand, we would prefer not to have listened, what lessons of lunar donors." , wrote Jean-Luc Mélenchon (insubordinate France), denuding in another tweet "The president of the rich".

Republican spokeswoman Laurence Sailliet believes the president "Recited a text without emotion, without conviction and so far from the reality of the French", while the PCF national secretary Fabien Roussel reports "A moralizing president who will continue his reforms without considering the anger, the expectations of those who simply aspire to live better".

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