Desperate migrants cross the border between Mexico and the United States to be detained and seek asylum: Telemundo

The desperate situation experienced by the thousands of migrants who arrived in Tijuana from Central America brought several people this Sunday to cross the barrier that separates Mexico and the United States to arrest them and be able to seek asylum in the country Northern.

After an order from President Donald Trump to block asylum claims has been blocked, the courts are required to hear all cases of asylum regardless of how the person entered the territory of the United States and it is for this reason that some of them have decided to take risks to touch the American land.

A Honduran migrant helps others to cross the wall between Mexico and the United States.

Although migrants are in two shelters, the situation of overcrowding and unhealthiness has also been a factor that has taken them to the extreme. It is estimated that in Tijuana there are more than 6,000 migrants waiting to start an asylum process.

Two migrants try to cross the fence that separates Mexico and the United States.

The thousands of migrants, who started the journey at the beginning of October, have traveled long distances from their countries and now will have to wait between five and eight weeks for their cases to start being treated.

Migrants from Honduras cross the wall from Tijuana to the United States.

Before the massive arrival of migrants in Tijuana, there was a waiting list of more than 1,500 people also seeking political asylum in the United States.

On Thursday, a group of migrants announced they would start a hunger strike to try to pressure the US government to increase the number of asylum applications it processes on a daily basis (between 40 and 50 people).

According to Mexican authorities, about 9,000 Central Americans arrived in the country on October 19 in several groups, of which more than 7,000 arrived in Mexicali and Tijuana, in the state of Baja California, and another 2,000 are in a group. other part of the country.

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