Desperate !, Pati Chapoy and Ventaneando leave television?

They assure that Pati chapoy could suffer a hard hit since the program of which she is the chief information officer of shows, Windowing, you are at risk of exiting the programming TVAzteca.

For a few months, the criticisms of the program and its hosts have been more than evident, highlighting Pedro Sola and Daniel Need.

Now, these cr1t1cas take more force, since the viewers themselves have invaded social networks to ask that the program of shows with more than 24 years on the air, Windowing, get off the television.

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Until now TVAzteca has not spoken about what determination he will make for the beloved program of Pati chapoy, Pedro Sola and Daniel Need.

In social networks there was a barrage of negative comments about the television program, where they pointed out that the quality had been lost, they exceeded commercials and it was more than evident that it was lowering its rating.

Outside Ventaneando, was one of the most repeated comments on their social networks.

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This type of criticism about Ventaneando is not a novelty, since months ago it has been speculated that Chapoy is desperate before the fall of the rating and not being able to recover it.

All the information??? If there are already more commercials and sales within the program than information !!! And it’s already losing audience … And look, I’ve been following the program for years. But hey. Anyway. It seems that they do not read and pay attention to the public, wrote the user identified as Decoration Liz Manualidades.

On the other hand, it has been speculated that Pedro Sola or Daniel Bisogno could leave the program. The first claim that because it is “very old-fashioned”, while the second, they point out that it has a bad image after the scandals it has starred in.

It is worth remembering the mistakes, although very funny, of Sola; Mainly the brand of mayonnaise that I was tasting while mentioning the competition; a feat that cost him enormous popularity on social media, but a heavy financial penalty.

Pedro Sola is quite popular in social networks, where he is known as Tío Pedrito and he even has his own YouTube channel, where he shares his experiences and other aspects.

For its part, Daniel Need He has been harshly attacked by rumors and photographs that indicate like men. The driver responded politically to the scandal and pointed out that it doesn’t matter who he loves, the important thing is to love.

Ventaneando acquired enormous recognition on Mexican television; however, apparently the competition and other means, such as social networks, have ended up attacking the program.

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At present, they accompany Pati Chapoy, Daniel Bisogno and Pedro Sola: Linet Puente, Mónica Castañeda and Rosario Murrieta.

Currently, Ricardo Casares is absent, who has been facing Covid-19 for a few weeks. The host who is also part of the cast of Venga La Alegría has kept his followers concerned about his health.

Other morning drivers have also been infected; However, they have already returned to the broadcast for a couple of weeks, which al3rtied the Internet users, in the absence of Casares.

As is already known to many, the virus attacked each person in a different way and apparently, in the young driver it was really devastating.

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Despite being young and healthy, Ricardo Casares ended up connected to an oxygen tank due to complications from the coronavirus.

Faced with this situation, he decided to share his experiences on his official Instagram account, along with an image of him connected to oxygen, something that greatly dismayed his followers.

His words were direct, he asked to be careful and assured that it is easier to use the mask than to be tied to an oxygen tank.


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