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Despicable Mika, the empathic Emma, ​​the tormented Agnelli: X Factor starts again

A jury overturned compared to last year (two novelties and two returns), the aim of putting the stories of the boys at the center, which means all or nothing. Thursday in prime time on Sky Uno the first episode of X Factor and the preview shows that we are on the track of the format, as it could not be otherwise. The judges have good chemistry. Emma that empath, energetic but sweet at the same time (I tell you from personal experience that monsters are others). Despicable Mika he often finds himself with the match in hand having to decide, but he does not hold back. And he also manages to joke about his role as a flogger: I decided to be your asshole, which then in life full. Manuel Agnelli is already in the part of the tormented (the grim reaper suits him well and works) and can be sharp (You have nothing original, Making this genre a challenge, but also listening to it a challenge). He also enters into cosmic pessimism in front of a competitor to whom all four recognize great talent: This world will ruin her immediately. The glass is half empty because it is better to drown hopes … Hell Raton looks the most immature (the experience, after all, comes only from the kilometers you travel) and often falls into the reality clich (Were you able to narrate yourself, I need to understand who you are).

The judges of «X Factor» 2020: Hell Raton, Emma, ​​Mika and Manuel Agnelli
The new judges of X Factor 2020

The goal is to win back the spectators who had made other choices last year, as Nicola Maccanico, executive vice president of Sky Italia admitted with honesty: Despite a great cast and a great show, the show had made less inroads in the audience. , iswas a beautiful picture that did not thrill enough. Emma grew up in Friends, now she finds herself judging guys whose dreams and fears she knows, the same ones she had felt: Having been on the other side makes me understand that you have to be empathetic with the people who go on stage – she says confirming the impression she had given on TV -. I always try to be honest and sincere, not to be influenced by other judges, who are also authoritative. Here I feel at ease because my opinion is welcome even if different: I feel they trust me and they don’t judge me. nice to work like that. Manuel Agnelli explains why he changed his mind and went back to being a judge a X Factor: Live shows are at a standstill, so talking about music becomes even more important, especially on television where we never talk about it enough. The search for talent has become an obsession, but I feel that here is the possibility to deepen: the discussion prevails over the competition. Hell Raton ensures to apply the criteria it uses in the scouting for Machete Empire Records, the label founded in 2013, of which CEO and creative director, also in the program. Mika describes his conversion on the path of talent as follows: I have been asked many times to be a judge, in many programs around the world. But in this case, this year’s project convinced me: the intention to tell stories to talk about music.

Amleto Cattelan, now in its tenth edition, suspended between continuing or not: We will talk about it later but ten is a good number: for some years I have been thinking of changing, but a program so beautiful that it is difficult to do so. Meanwhile, we start again, with less talent and more contest. A revolution, whatever that means.

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