Despite all the tumult, Trump still has a firm grip on the Republican Party


After Donald Trump lost the 2020 election and stormed the Capitol, the question was whether Trump’s leadership within the Republican Party was over. With the midterm election campaigns about to begin, one thing is clear: Trump’s grip on the party is greater than ever, purging any remaining Republican resistance.

Again it was a tumultuous week in America around Trump. But the FBI raid on his Florida villa seems to make the supporters more combative.


In Cowboy State, Wyoming’s vast countryside, conservative America’s plans for the future are now being forged. The incumbent there, Republican candidate Liz Cheney, is now a pariah in her own party. She has been telling her party the truth lately.

Tell the truth, the mantra of the powerful Wyoming political family. Her father Dick Cheney was vice president and chief strategist to President George W. Bush. Liz also entered politics in Washington, captaining a deeply conservative right wing of the Republican Party.


Liz Cheney

A promising politician, number three in ranking and possibly on the way to a government position under a future Republican president. But after serving on the committee investigating the January 6, 2021 storming of the Capitol, she was first removed from her position from within her own party ranks and then indirectly accused of treason by Trump.

Liz Cheney is, in his words, a RINO, a Republican in Name Only. Trump’s proof? She works with the Democrats, that says enough. She investigates the former president’s role in the storming of the US parliament. A mortal sin for Trump.


And so it’s exit Cheney. Because Trump demands total loyalty to his person. It is the litmus test for everyone’s political future. Firm belief that Trump, not Biden, won the November 2020 election as the most important proof of allegiance to the political leader.

So Cheney is now being pushed aside in the primaries, the primaries in which Republicans decide among themselves who will run against a Democrat in the midterm elections in November. Cheney will most likely lose out to her opponent, Harriet Hageman, one of Trump’s many political eyeballs.


Cheney’s predicted end in the Republican Party is not an isolated one. All over America, critics of Trump are being pushed aside in the primaries. Wyoming is more loyal to the former president than to the Cheneys, until recently the party’s local establishment, according to polls.

A new generation of Republicans has emerged from the denial of the election results. The seeded doubt about the outcome of the previous election is at the heart of the Republican agenda in the upcoming primaries. They are in Wyoming on Tuesday.

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