Despite Corona, this is allowed on Ascension Day – overview of the rules

Every other year, numerous handcarts would be decorated and loaded with beer barrels or boxes in the garages. As is well known, everything is different this year – also on Father’s Day.

Wagon tours with friends, excessive alcohol consumption and group gatherings: none of this is possible this year. The police have already warned of this in many places. But what is allowed and what is not allowed on Father’s Day? And what is the police doing?

Restaurants and beer gardens

Restaurants and beer gardens are allowed to open almost everywhere. So the visit is possible but subject to certain conditions. For example, the contact details often have to be stored in the restaurant. In Bavaria, the interior areas are still closed, in Saxony-Anhalt a special permit from the district must be available to open a restaurant. Bremen specifically prohibits the out-of-home sale of alcoholic beverages on Men’s Day.

Hiking in the countryside (also with a handcart)

Hiking on lakes or in the mountains is generally not a problem – not even with a handcart. As usual, the usual restrictions apply. “Carrying handcarts does not exempt you from complying with the anti-corona rules,” said the press spokesman for the police in Brandenburg.

In Bremen, carrying alcohol in a handcart in public was completely prohibited. “Everyone knows that with increasing alcohol consumption, good intentions are quickly forgotten,” said the Bremen senator Ulrich Mäurer (SPD). In Schleswig-Holstein, day tourists are not allowed on the North Sea islands – for fear of an excessive rush.

Meeting friends

Men’s game: The current corona rules naturally also apply on Father’s Day. (Source: Peter Steffen / dpa)

The contact restrictions imposed due to the corona pandemic continue to apply – also on Ascension Day. As a rule, a maximum of two members can meet, but in many federal states the minimum distance of 1.5 meters must still be observed. Only in Saxony-Anhalt can up to five people travel together – even if they do not come from shared households.

Police controls

The regulatory authorities hope for the common sense of the citizens, in Hesse the trust goes so far that no special police presence is planned. In Thuringia, on the other hand, the police are preparing for plenty of work, and the riot police are also to be deployed. Brandenburg also wants to call in riot police. In the past few years, the police had registered about 15 to 20 percent more missions on men’s day than the usual daily average.

Checks are also planned in some regions: “We will definitely check whether the distances are kept and that there are no mass gatherings,” says the Munich police, for example. And in Hamburg, a police spokesman said: “If the weather is good, we will be much more present.” In Schleswig-Holstein even the water protection police are on duty as a precaution with more police officers.


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