Despite the criticism and controversy over the incarnation of disability, the American adaptation of "Intouchables" at the box office head


Abused by the critics and the origin of a controversy about the incarnation of the handicap, the film "The Upside", an American adaptation of "Intouchables", has nevertheless climbed its exit at the top of the box – North American Office , according to provisional figures released on Sunday by the specialized exhibitor relations company.

A little over seven years from the film phenomenon to nearly 20 million entries in France, "The Upside", whose frame is almost the same, with few exceptions, generated 19.6 million dollars between Friday and Sunday in the United States and in Canada.

With Bryan Cranston as a rich quadriplegic of the luxurious Upper East Side in New York and Kevin Hart in the care of his Bronx nurse, the remake dethroned Aquaman, who had spent three weeks immediately at the top of the chart.

The superhero starring Jason Momoa (Lord Dothraki Khal Drogo in "Game of Thrones") again raised $ 17.3 million at the weekend, allowing him to break a billion points worldwide, an absolute novelty for a cinematic universe of DC Comics since 2012 and the Batman "The Dark Knight Rises".

A novelty, "The Incredible Adventure of Bella", rises on the third step of the podium, with 11.3 million dollars. This film tells the great epic of a dog ready to travel several hundred kilometers to find his teacher.

The animated film "Spider-Man: New Generation", in which a new black and Latin spider-man, Miles Morales, goes up to the stage against a Peter Parker confined to a mentor role, continues to walk well.

Fourth, the newly-released film Golden Globes has added $ 9 million to its revenue over the past three days, totaling nearly 148 million in the last five weeks.

"Escape Room" dropped from second to fifth for its second week of operations, with $ 8.9 million. The actors Logan Miller and Taylor Russell embody two of the six characters trapped in a terrifying world that have to escape with the help of clues.

Here is the rest of the Top 10:

6- "The Return of Mary Poppins" ($ 7.2 million, total $ 150.7 million in four weeks)

7- "Bumblebee" (6.8 million, 108.5 million in four weeks)

8- "A woman of exception" (6.2 million, 10.6 in three weeks)

9- "The mule" (5.5 million, 90.6 in five weeks)

10- "Vice" (3.3 million, 35.9 in three weeks)


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