Sport Despite the freezing of activity due to the Corona...

Despite the freezing of activity due to the Corona pandemic … Salih Juma “seducer of problems” in Al-Ahly

Although football activity in Egypt stopped for a long time, fearing the Corona pandemic, Saleh al-Ahly, the playmaker of Al-Ahly, continued his usual hobby of fabricating crises without warning in the Red Fort, to become a morning and evening talk between the Al-Ahly fans and inside the club, whether in the board of directors or the technical staff led by Swiss René. Feiler, who demanded his departure from the club as soon as possible to get rid of his spiral of crises, especially since the Swiss coach does not see that he is technically beneficial, and therefore his dispensation will not affect the red genie.

Saleh Jumaa .. Al-Ahly fans called him “the teacher”, but he soon proved that talent alone is not enough, especially after he failed to use the “life-collar” to shine with his club to re-wipe dust from his talent after several stops of decline in previous years.

Al-Ahly’s playmaker, who struggled with the annexation of the two Egyptian poles after the end of his professional career with Nacional Madeira, until his train landed in the red castle, he needed to knock Al-Ahly for long periods, and as soon as the opportunity came to shine with the red team, he quickly failed to continue the journey after an interval of non-commitment and departure from The text is nearing a tragic ending for him in the Red Castle under the slogan “Dalaa”.

Salih Jumaa rarely got an opportunity in Al-Ahly, with various technical managers who successively trained him, even though when he was getting his chance, he proved himself strongly but his performance quickly retreated, and with Fyler, Salih Jumah did not succeed in persuading the Swiss coach even to appear in a match One or a few minutes.

“Saleh Jumah’s mental problem and any player who ignored my instructions will exclude him. I hope for Jumah Al-Tawfiq in another club.” These words, which were issued by Al-Ahly club coach Rene Fyler, put the final chapter in Saleh Jumah, the Red Castle playmaker’s relationship with the team, after a break of non-compliance with the instructions For more than one coach and permanent exclusion from participation based on this.

Although Saleh Jumaa, one of the most skilled players in Egypt in general and the Red Castle in particular, he joined the category of “angered” by the fans, because of his lack of commitment outside the stadium.

Saleh Juma closed all the doors of staying in the Red Castle after he posted a photo through his account on his “Instagram”, in which he ridiculed the deal of Swiss Rene Filer, the technical manager of the team, with him. The past days have witnessed attempts by the Al-Bass in the Red Castle to keep Saleh Juma in the team with His pledge to abide and follow the instructions of the technical staff, but the photo that the player posted on his account yesterday made his departure from the Red Castle a “final answer” in light of the lack of sympathy for everyone in either the ball sector or the board of directors, especially since the player’s mockery of his coach sparked a wave of anger against him.

Rene Filer previously announced that the team did not need the efforts of Saleh Jumaa and the club tried to market it last January, but the attempts failed to keep the player in the team, and the Corona virus causes spoilers in its marketing efforts in one of the leagues that the restriction was continuing after it was closed in Egypt and most of the world’s leagues.

Some tried to persuade Fyler to keep Saleh Jumah in the team, and although the Swiss coach was clear and decisive from the start, the team was not happy with the player’s efforts, but some in the club’s football planning committee confirmed that the Swiss coach might retreat from his tough stance against Saleh Jumah and remain on for the lack of A good game maker in the Egyptian league, but the “Image Instagram” crisis has closed all doors of friendliness to the player’s face.

Saleh Jum`a had posted a photo through his Instagram account, in which he mocked Filer with a comic style, using the series “Prince” of the star, Mohamed Ramadan, where the player published a comic image for him with Failer, during which the coach takes down the player from Al-Ahly’s car, according to the actor Ahmed Zaher with His niece, the child Mariam, is a daughter in the Prince series, where Ahmed Zahir threw the girl in the street, and the player wanted to confirm that he had thrown him in the street as Ahmed Zahir did with his niece before Saleh Jumah removed the image from his page after the attack on him.

Al-Ahly imposed a large financial fine on the player for committing 3 mistakes by one act which is his mockery of his coach, his violation of the restrictions imposed on the use of social networking sites by touching on anything related to the affairs of the team in addition to the violation of the media ban imposed on him is specifically accompanied by his colleague Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba, where the administration refused Al-Hamraa made their TV appearances despite receiving numerous shows recently.

Swiss Filer asked Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of the club, to leave, Saleh Jumaa, formally at the end of the current season, after he learned of his ridicule on him on social media, stressing that he would not accept his stay in any way continuing at the head of the technical staff in the new season.



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