Destiny 2 is no longer in the shop


Destiny 2 has recently become unavailable on the European PlayStation Store. Sony claims that the publisher has asked to remove the game.

Destiny 2 urgently wanted: Some players have recently reported on social media that Destiny has been out of sync with the PlayStation Store for some time. Only the European store was interested, in the United States players could still access the shooter.

Guardians report that over 24 hours of basic play
even the Destiny 2 addons were displayed in the store. Only the
The Silver premium currency could still be purchased.

Destiny 1 predecessor was still available with all addons.

No abandonment for potential players: Destiny 2 was not available for hours in the European PS Store.

Why did it happen? Players reported the incident via Twitter, Reddit and the Bungie forum. Bungie stated through social media that they are investigating a problem that would prevent Destiny 2: Forsaken and the annual pass from appearing in the European PS Store.

However, PlayStation support gave disgruntled players a different answer: UK support indicated that the publisher asked to remove Destiny 2 from the store. Players must contact the publisher for further questions.

One of our readers also received such an answer from Sony when she asked for it herself. We show you the email you received from Sony:

This email from Sony sent us a MeinMMO reader.

However, the publisher did not answer the question about why Destiny 2 was no longer found in the store.

Who is the publisher? The publisher would be Activision. Bungie and Activison split up after eight years of collaboration at the start of this year. Bungie wants to continue the "Destiny" brand after all this time alone.

The end of the partnership between Bungie and Activision came unexpectedly. Also for investors who threaten Activision with collective lawsuits:

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