Destroyed and without hope! Emma Coronel sends a message after the trial to her husband "Chapo" Guzmán (PHOTO) – Telemundo


Through social networks Emma Coronel he again gave what to talk about, since he posted in his alleged Instagram account a message and a photo in which he is seen desmejorada after the controversial judgment of her husband, Joaquín el "Chapo" Guzmán.

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In this profile of the social network, intimate images of Coronel have been leaked, in which she appears with her daughters in bikinis, doing charity and even shooting.

However, its most recent mail It is completely different from the previous ones, in which he always seemed happy, flirtatious and even joking about his popular partner.

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The trial against the drug trafficker has gradually complicated and in recent days Emma has been the subject of a debate after she reportedly communicated with her husband by means of a phone call, which is forbidden to do.

"As the days go by I'm falling apart, I'm surprised how much debris falls from me," Coronel would write next to a photo in which she is seen without makeup and trying to hide from the cameras.

So far it is not confirmed that the account @emmacoronela of Instagram belongs to the former queen of beauty, however, much of the material that is in this belongs to the personal purpose of the model.


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