Destroyed buildings and terrified inhabitants: we visited the kyiv region after the withdrawal of the Russians

A team from RTL INFO traveled to the kyiv region. Many cities but also villages bear the scars of the Russian offensive. Destroyed buildings and terrified inhabitants.

The road to kyiv begins early in the morning against the backdrop of a postcard from a breadbasket of Europe.

Ukraine has been cultivating for 55 days, the beginning of the war, the culture of checkpoints and roadblocks. “60 kilometers from kyiv, we discover the first visible traces of the fighting”observes our reporter Loïc Parmentier in front of a gutted warehouse in the city of Kalynivka.


There are also houses destroyed or a bridge blocking the entrance to the highway.


A few weeks ago, the area was still controlled by the Russian army. The path is now reopened to traffic and Ukrainians can return to the capital, even if sometimes the task is made difficult.

Our team then decides to leave the highway and drive through the towns and villages occupied by the Russian army before its withdrawal. Arrival in Borodyanka, a martyr city which suffered a rain of bombardments. Today, the city is liberated from the Russians and municipal employees are busy behind a charred building.


We meet Valentina and her husband. She invites us to see the damage in her home. This is the beginning of the visit to a house that has been the victim of bombardments… or rather what is left of it.


Here, his mother, sister, and pregnant daughter survived in the cellar before they could finally leave town. “I came to collect everything we could from the house. It’s dirty, it’s full of dust but it doesn’t matter”, breathes Valentina. For the inhabitants of Borodyanka who have decided to stay, there are about 2,000 of them, life is not easy. Every day they go to a church to get water and food.

Our route continues and crosses the sadly known town of Boutcha. We then arrive at Irpin. A car graveyard intrigues us. Vehicles that bear the scars of bloody clashes. According to the authorities, civilian cars were fleeing the area.


The Irpin bridge is destroyed. kyiv is only about twenty kilometers away…

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