Detailed R. Kurtinaitis: about A. Butkevičius in “Žalgiris”, M. Grigonis’ difficulties and K. Maksvytis grabbing “the two most beautiful women” portal – a detailed two-hour “MISsMATCH” conversation with the coach Rimu Kurtinaitis.

The strategist spoke about the unpaid debts of the Moscow region Chimki and relations with friends in Russia.

“It was similar with the Kant team, I kept falling into situations where the train was rolling down the hill. They also relegated to the second league of the country a year later. As far as I know, Chimki has stabilized, but it doesn’t have as strong supporters as we had, “he said of the team’s future.

The strategist regretted the situation of Marius Grigonis, because the Lithuanian who left at the beginning of the war is tied to the Moscow CSKA team, which demands impressive money.

“My question is simple – I left a year before the war. And Marius’ contract is valid. FIBA could theoretically issue him a new license if the club does not release it. The courts are going on, but they are going on for years. Time is running out for a person, the life of an athlete is short.

Marius is expensive, I don’t think Žalgiris will be able to get it back. There may be sentiments in him, but these are not very important these days. Maybe it determines when the money is similar “, – the coach talked about his possibilities to return to Kaunas.

The strategist would not be surprised if Arnas Butkevičius came to Kaunas.

“How many players moved from Rytas to Žalgiris? Kavaliauskas shouted the most, but life here. The athlete does not play for himself, he plays for the world. I once tried to persuade Marius to come to Chimki, he said I would never play with a Swede. And how things turned around (Laughs). Kavaliauskas also said that he would never play, but later he became probably the most beloved of Kaunas fans, ”he compared.

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R. Kurtinaitis believes that Kazys Maksvytis has taken on difficult tasks: to train the national team and at the same time come to “Žalgiris”.

“The biggest work is done when you want to work, don’t look at the circumstances, go and work. Kazys is young, ambitious. He was once frustrated when there were no offers at all. Sometimes it happens that a restaurant includes two most beautiful women at the same time, so what to do? Either there is nothing, or both at the same time, Kazys grabbed both women at the same time, ”R. Kurtinaitis laughed.

The second hour of the conversation is coming soon.

00:00 summer activities

06:00 patience with the kids

09:30 money not taken from the Russians and relations with friends in this country

16:00 when can the Russians return to the Euroleague?

19:30 Vatutin’s speeches that CSKA would have won the Euroleague

21:00 Grigoni’s situation

29:00 Is it strange that “Žalgiris” is interested in Butkevičius?

35:00 The year of Blaževičius in Kaunas

40:00 How does David Giedraitis like Kurtinaitis?

42:00 Zdovco’s situation and similarities with Kurtinaitis in the Morning

51:00 what would you do in the place of Maksvytis?

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