Detained Canadians left China after 1,020 days. The USA had previously conditionally released the manager of Huawei – ČT24 – Czech Television

Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were detained by China in December 2018, shortly after Canadian police arrested Meng Wanzhou on the basis of a US arrest warrant. Beijing denied that it was revenge, but both Canadians were free at the same time as Meng. Authorities coordinated their trips to the airport. Spavor was released by China, although the regime sent him to prison for espionage in August for eleven years.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the men were free immediately after the plane left Chinese airspace with them. “They have gone through unimaginable suffering. Over the past thousand days, they have shown strength, determination, perseverance, resilience and kindness, and we are all inspired by that, “said Trudeau.

The non-profit International Crisis Group, backed by former diplomat Kovrig, thanked Canada and the United States for their role in releasing the detained men. “The day we have been waiting for 1020 days has finally come,” the organization said.

Meng Wanzhou is the daughter of Huawei Zen Cheng Feeje, the founder of Huawei. The Americans claim that the director described Huawei and its subsidiary Skycom as two separate companies, although the United States considers them one. This provided the company with access to the Iranian market in violation of US sanctions. Meng’s return from Vancouver, where she stayed at home, led an unusually long route. The plane, secured by the Chinese government, avoided US airspace.

The U.S. prosecutor’s office said on Friday that it had reached an agreement with Meng Wanzhou to postpone the prosecution. According to prosecutors, the agreement will expire in December next year, and if Meng Wanzhou does not break the law again and admit partial wrongdoing, the United States will stop prosecuting it altogether. According to the American media, the financial director of Huawei will have to admit in exchange that she has committed an infringement in some cases. The agreement only covers Meng Wanzhou, and the United States’ lawsuits against Huawei itself will remain valid, Reuters reported.

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