Detects toxic metals in jewelry for women's clothing


11 October 2018

Studies indicate that the bisutera sold with women's clothes and blouses are made of cadmium, a toxic metal that causes cancer and reproductive affections

Illustrative image: Pixabay

Jewelry containing cadmium, a highly toxic metal, has reached the shelves of some chain stores, such as Ross, Nordstrom Rack and Papaya, in the United States, according to recently published laboratory studies.

Furthermore, the analyzes carried out for the organization of the Center for Environmental Health revealed that the jewels sold in women's clothing were made of cadmium, a toxic metal after prolonged exposure.

In this context, consumer advocates expected that cadmium would disappear from the US jewelry market after the changes in 2010, when an investigation found that Chinese companies produced jewelry for children containing cadmium.

He then states how California, among others, has banned cadmium in jewelry for children, in addition, a 'center analysis has found that the metal was no longer present in jewelry in 2012.

It should be mentioned, California law allows a maximum of 0.03 percent of cadmium in jewelry for children. However, the health risk is unclear as the researchers did not take into account the wear and tear of jewelry for use.

For the time, cadmium accumulates in the body and can affect the kidneys and bones. Furthermore, exposure is mainly due to ingestion or aspiration, particularly tobacco, which usually contains this metal. Even the researchers found that the skin has some absorption, although it has not been studied in depth.

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