Detention of Margot. Małgorzata Trzaskowska on the incidents in Warsaw

Małgorzata Trzaskowska published her comment on her Facebook profile.

Detention of Margot. Trzaskowska about aggression and hostility

Małgorzata Trzaskowska began her entry with regret that there are still people in Poland demanding respect for their fundamental rights. “Dear friends, it is 2020, and Polish women and Poles must stand up for the basic rights to dignity and safety,” she wrote.

In her opinion, the reaction of the state authorities and the police was inadequate to the situation. “I watched what happened in Warsaw and I do not understand the aggression and hostility with which the authorities attack young people” – she said.

Trzaskowska also drew attention to the symbolism of the rainbow flag. “The rainbow flag has long meant much more: tolerance, acceptance, openness, and now additionally resistance to hate speech” – she enumerated.

LGBT protest in Warsaw. “So far, there has been no such overt witch-hunt”

Detention of Margot. Trzaskowska on discrimination against LGBT people

The wife of the President of Warsaw also drew attention to the hate that LGBT people face in everyday life. “Our neighbors, friends, scientists, artists or just ordinary people – good and wise – just want to live simply, and they have a problem with the fact that walking down the street, they risk being beaten, insulted or intimidated” – assessed Trzaskowska.

There was also a mention of Internet hatred in the commentary. Trzaskowska pointed out that Internet haters have no brakes and can wish people with a different sexual orientation to go “to the gas”.

“This is an extreme hate speech, which we cannot pass by indifferently, who, who, Poles,” concluded Małgorzata Trzaskowska.


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