Detroit: Become Human Announces Ultimate Success Sold over 6 million units worldwide on both PlayStation 4 and PC.

Thursday, July 22, 2021, 14:03, 43 seconds, Indochina time

Detroit: Become Human Exploration adventure games and storytelling alternative games that created a landslide trend as soon as it was launched in 2018 by development team Quantic Dream who used to leave a reputation for such a famous game Heavy Rain (2010) and Beyond: Two Souls (2013) announcingThe most successful Detroit game is sold at more than 6 million copies worldwide on both PlayStation 4 and PC.

With this success, the team announced via Twitter official and thanked the fans for their great support.

Detroit: Become Human released in 2018. on the machine PlayStation 4 before being followed by a PC via Epic Games in 2019 and Steam in 2020 The game features an adventure through intense storytelling. In which players must make choices within the game that will affect the future.

The story tells about the city. Detroit year 2038 The future world where technology has evolved to the point where there are humanoid Android robots everywhere. The story is told through three different main characters and different perspectives on the world. Player decisions will lead the story and those characters to a richer outcome, transforming and branching into different stories with a multitude of choices. Which affects all life in Detroit and the fate of humanity.

The game received overwhelming positive reviews and ratings from the game media. It has also received awards from nominations in many fields such as Best PlayStation 4 Game, Best Adventure Game and Best of E3 2017 Plus, the game also awakens the fan club. ‘Cornor Army’ which is a group of game fans from around the world who love the characters Cornor and you Brian Decheart (Actor and voice of Cornor) One of the largest groups in the gaming industry that has it all.

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