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Late night bowling and the simple merry-go-round gave birth to Detroit Lines, a "supergroup" of nine Detroit producer and beat master members.

Individually, the crew of Lines marked successes and remixes with Childish Gambino, the late Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt, Skepta, A $ AP Rocky, K-Flay and others. Skylar "Skywlker" Tait also serves as Detroiter Danny Brown's DJ tour, while Black Noi $ does the same for Sweatshirt.

Together, Detroit Lines has put together a new album, "Hit My DMS", released on Friday 5 July and featuring group collaborations and songs made individually and in smaller configurations. The set of 18 tracks celebrates the collective power of the troupe and it will be, if the Lines will have their way, only the beginning of what they can do together …

• Including both Detroit natives and transplants like Caleb Stone, Detroit Lines have organically assembled according to Skywlkr, who comes from Lansing. "I feel as if at the end of the day we were just friends who had the same job, we are always around, we just thought it would be productive to be productive when we stay together instead of Oliver adds:" Nobody had the intent of bring together a group of people. It just happened. We all started attending the Garden Bowl, connecting and getting drunk and we just became freaks. We would have ended up in someone's cradle, super late, making jokes and things like that. "

• Some tracks of "Hit My DMS" have had some ages on them, "according to Dream Beach, which dates back to the first time all eight members started creating music together." It all happened in natural way and then we let the stuff calm down. Get a year and a half later and it still looks crazy. And & # 39; a sort of show where everyone started with their music. It's interesting to hear your friends taking out and find their voice and style and stuff. "Skywlkr, meanwhile, remembers that the artists" joked "to become a band and release an album." We're all stupid artists, so we didn't do anything for a while, "he recalls." It took a year. and a half to be like, "we should do something with this (music) & # 39; and find a name and everything else. When we went out we would have made beats together, we didn't have a name or take it seriously like we do now. "

• With the launch of "Hit My DMS", Skywlkr states that Detroit Line is not looking forward to establishing its collective identity, as well as demonstrating what it can do as a live act. "You know, everyone can play instruments, use samplers, whatever it is, we all have our own lane, a little bit. Many of us come from a rap or techno background, some of us have a classic lineup. Be awesome to have a truly memorable show and be booked as a group for things ".

Detroit Lines celebrates the release of its first compilation, "Hit My DMS", at 10:30 pm Saturday, July 6, at El Club, 4114 Vernor Highway, Detroit. Advance payment of $ 10, $ 15 at the door.

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