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the German railways promised efforts to improve the punctuality of long-distance transport. There, the train was far from their destinations. "This is absolutely unsatisfactory", said the railway spokesman Achim Stauß in the Bayerischer Rundfunk and responded to a new survey among customers, according to the punctuality is the "problem of higher quality" of the group.

As the train itself announced a day earlier, their long-distance trains were back late last month more often. The punctuality rate was therefore 70.4 percent in November. In October, it was 71.8%, 72.7% in September.

The company's incentive is excellent to avoid such delays, Stauß said, but gave another concern to the respondents a refusal: quicker and easier compensation payments will not exist. The railway spokesman said that customers have "the right to punctual trains" and not the main interest in recovering money.

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A total of 560 survey participants determined the compensation method paid by Deutsche Bahn. This requires the majority already with shorter delay times than those currently provided.

According to current legislation, a refund is due only after 60 minutes of delay. If the delay is more than two hours, it will return half the fare. According to the survey, only half of the long-distance users stated that Deutsche Bahn must repay a quarter of the fare 30 minutes late. 40% are in favor of repaying half the money when a train arrives one hour late. Almost 40 percent of passengers also want a simpler, formless refund, but on their mobile app.

In general, customers appreciate the growing digitization of the train and booking a train journey. 59 percent say that local networks (WLANs) on the train have improved and 48 percent also record better reception for mobile phones and the Internet on the train. 56% noted positive developments in the possibility to book tickets and in the online notification of passengers.

The quota pollsters interviewed railway customers online in October. From a group of 4,500 national participants were selected those who had traveled in the previous six months with a long-distance train. 560 people completed the questionnaire. The results were weighted to be representative, he said.



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