Deutsche Bank employees reject merger / Brilliant start at US banks / New allegations against Daimler


Deutsche Bank employees reject merger / Brilliant start at US banks / New allegations against Daimler

Deutsche Bank employees against merger
The employees of German bank reject a takeover of the Commerzbank For the most part – this is the result of a survey of the works council among the employees. According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, nearly 70 percent are against the merger. 84 percent of the respondents were of the opinion that Deutsche Bank should first integrate the Postbank successfully complete. Nevertheless, according to n-tv, the Deutsche Bank employees do not have any illusions: around 83 percent are well aware that many jobs will be lost even without their takeover in the coming years. Even in the Commerzbank, the rejection of a takeover is great. Thus, it is unlikely that the employee representatives on the Supervisory Board agree to a merger, writes the Handelsblatt. Nevertheless, there was a way for the board members to punch through the merger. There is not much time left until a decision is made – the institutes must decide by April 26 whether to break off or intensify their talks. According to Handelsblatt, ultimately five points decide on a merger. If in the end a yes to the merger, then the new leadership would be clear – according to Spiegel Online, the chief posts are already divided. At the head of the new major bank would therefore be Deutsche Bank boss Christian Sewing,
$ 9.2 billion – in three months

Fulminant start of the reporting season of the US banks: 9.2 billion euros profit in just three months – it has the largest American bank JP Morgan broken their own record and earned more than ever before in the first quarter. Above all, the German competition can only dream of such numbers. That is, after all, "24 times as much as that German bank Spiegel Online notes, "The fact that JP Morgan has cut back on its trading business is a bad omen for the entire year 2018" Europe Banks, says Handelsblatt. Altogether it ran according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for another US bank: Wells Fargo, In the first quarter, the financial house earned the bottom line $ 5.9 billion, or about 14 percent more than in the same period last year. The global financial crisis in 2008 left the institutions behind. What's more, since then, they have "used the time to hijack the competition in the rest of the world in the years that followed", writes Manager Magazin. Today, the numbers go along Goldman Sachs and the Citigroup next, tomorrow it opens Bank of America her books and on wednesday Morgan Stanley turn, n-tv knows.
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Billions of dollars have the US telecommunications provider AT & T for the production company of the series game of Thrones forked out. Since then, the series has not lost in popularity – the AT & T share remains a disappointment
Frankfurt, New York, Tokyo
Dax: 11,999 points, up 0.5 percent from the close on Friday.

Dow: 26,412 points, plus 1 percent to close on Friday.

Nikkei: 22,195 points, plus 1.5 percent in afternoon trade.
New allegations against Daimler
In the exhaust scandal are new allegations against Daimler loud. The Picture on Sunday according to that checks Kraftfahrtbundesamt, whether the company has revised emissions in tests again using software down. This time stand one MercedesSeries under suspicion. Marc Tüngler, Chief Executive of the German Schutzvereinigung für Wertpapierbesitz (DSW), responding in conversation with the Handelsblatt annoyed: The shareholders of Daimler are "with their patience at the end and finally demand clarity."
With the planned Over-IPO suggests one of the largest IPOs in financial history since AlibabaEmissions in 2014. The car service hopes loudly Handelsblatt on a rating of $ 100 billion. But the skepticism is growing – not least because of the weak debut of the competitor Lyft, which lost almost 20 percent in value within a week due to short selling. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Already warns: If you invest in Uber, take a big risk. The Wirtschaftswoche finds that the Uber IPO comes too early. For some Uber driver, but it can not go fast enough, because after the IPO to receive up to $ 10,000 premium – but they have to meet conditions, knows that Handelsblatt,
Disney teaches Netflix dread
Fight announcement Netflix and Co: The Walt Disney Company wants to get into the streaming business. Disney + is due in November in the United States start and cost $ 6.99 a month – it's cheaper than the cheapest subscription of rival Netflix, reports the shareholder, Investors celebrate the plans and lifted Disney to the top of the table on Friday Dow Jones, The stock temporarily reached the highest price in its history and eventually closed at $ 130.06, up nearly 12 percent CBC,
Stop the ouzo bonds
Not too long ago, Greek bonds were mocked as "ouzo bonds" because their yields were as high as the alcohol content of Greek spirits. Meanwhile, five-year bond yields have fallen to 2.17 percent, down from the 2.29 percent that sell US equities with the same maturity. Greece So it can be cheaper than the debt United States, How can this be? This question goes to the world to.
How much living space is there for 264,000 euros
On average, Germans spend 264,000 euros on their real estate purchase. But what do you actually get today, given rising prices? This question is the subject of a new study – and shows how many square meters are available for the amount, broken down into cities and districts. From 35 to 309 square meters everything is there, knows the Wirtschaftswoche,
Shortcuts from the financial industry
The auditor Ernst & Young should be in the money laundering scandal at the Danske Bank be involved. HB Investors increase the pressure on the Bavarian-Top. Spon The Berliner Sparkasse is enough ECB– Penalty rates for money saving now also to their private customers on. HB Because a subsidiary of the German living Berlin's apartments are said to have been made more expensive by illegal means to co-finance others, now the judiciary is investigating. n-tv The eleven cooperative Sparda-Banks earned almost ten percent less in 2018 than in the previous year. HB In the face of the severe economic crisis in the allied Venezuela go Cuba Increasingly foreign exchange to import food and other everyday necessities. Spon
Financial trends for the middle class
Purchasing finance: pre-finance goods and resources
Not only wholesalers and retailers, but also manufacturing and processing companies regularly need goods and raw materials. But the expected profit will be achieved later. Due to the often long time between spending and revenue, many entrepreneurs conclude financing. Digitally usable purchase financing without obligation to tender are thereby the newest option for entrepreneurs, convenient pre-finance goods. The financial platform COMPEON provides medium-sized companies with fast and fully digital financing offers from more than 220 affiliated financial providers, such as banks, savings banks and retail financiers. The average loan terms on the online financial portal COMPEON increased by 0.16 percentage points over the three-month period and by 0.33 percentage points over the six-month period.
Bundesbank calls on banks to fight back
Burkhard Balz. BundesbankBoard, warns of the dominance of Apple and Co. – and calls for a European alternative to American payment services on the Internet. "It can not be indifferent to us as a Bundesbank if large technology companies like Apple, Google. paypal and Amazon More and more take over the customer relationship and banks only the role of the payment processor in the background remains, "said Balz in conversation with the world,
Now Merz is definitely a millionaire
Friedrich Merz Pressed around in November 2018 when he was asked if he was a millionaire. At that time he was in the middle of the race for the CDU party presidency. Meanwhile, the answer is clear, because since the IPO of Stadler Rail is clear: He is a millionaire – and should remain so, so the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, The Stadler IPO is Europe so far the largest IPO this year – and Merz owns 150,000 Stadler shares, which are almost six million euros worth. Meanwhile, Merz retires from the private sector: According to the Handelsblatt He gives his supervisory board post at Düsseldorfer Bank HSBC on.
Stumbling blocks on the way to the new head of ECB
Jens Weidmann wants the succession of Mario Draghi compete and newer ECB-Chef be – it says at least from the environment of BundesbankChairmen. But there are some stumbling blocks on the way there – the personnel decisions of the European heads of state, for example. But Weidmann could also stand in the way, believes the Southgerman newspaper,
The prices for gasoline and diesel fluctuate not only daily, but sometimes every hour. But when is refueling the cheapest and when is the most expensive? Now there is a new study of the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. The fact that deals with the Bezinpreisen and has revealed a new pattern, according to which fuel in the morning is once again expensive. The exact results shows Spiegel Online.
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