Deutsche Bank is also expanding substantial positions in Germany


BIn the planned restructuring of Deutsche Bank, jobs in Germany are also to be cut to a significant extent. "Of course, in Germany, a substantial number of posts will be eliminated," said Chief Executive Christian Sewing the "Handelsblatt". How many will be, he did not say. "However, it is important to know that the already planned reduction in the course of the integration of Postbank is already included in the total number," added Sewing.

As announced by Deutsche Bank on Sunday, by the end of 2022 it plans to cut around 18,000 of the last approximately 91,000 full-time jobs worldwide. A number for Germany called the credit institution. Among other things, Deutsche Bank intends to withdraw from the equity trading business.

After a merger with the Commerzbank was not found to be useful, Sewing wants to advance the Deutsche Bank once alone alone: ​​"There is no point now to talk about a third or fourth merger with Commerzbank. We decided to go it alone, now let's get started, "he said. "If consolidation then came about, I would find European mergers more logical than national ones. But that's a dream of the future, "Sewing said.

"Things are still happening that we do not like"

When it comes to the desired internal cultural change, Sewing does not see the bank at its destination by far. "We as leaders need to stay alert. Because things still happen that we do not like. We have to intervene immediately and take countermeasures, "he said.



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