Deutsche Bank not in possession of Donald Trump's tax return

German bank

The Frankfurt Institute is not in possession of Trump's tax return.

(Photo: Reuters)

new York For months, the question has been puzzled: Does Deutsche Bank have tax documents from President Trump or does it not have them? Democrats in the US House of Representatives had officially requested documents from Trump's house bank to shed light on Donald Trump's finances and business deals and the company named after him. So far, it has only been clear that the bank, which has been doing business with the Trumps for many years, has tax records of a few family members.

A judge at a New York appeals court was now clear. The Frankfurt Institute was not in possession of these documents, he wrote in a letter that was published on Thursday. Several US media had originally asked for a document to identify the posts that show what documents were requested and transmitted by the House of Representatives. However, the court refused, but said that the only tax declarations of concern to the bank were “not those of the president.”
Trump has long refused to publish his tax returns, breaking a long-established tradition in the US.

More: The US president can not hide his tax returns from the prosecutor. The wants to determine because of possible Schweigegeldzahlen.

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