Deutsche Beteiligungs-AG scares investors


Fworth a tenth less in just a few hours: The financial investor Deutsche Beteiligungs-AG from Frankfurt, which specializes in medium-sized companies, is now richer in this experience. The company cut its earnings forecast significantly on Wednesday evening, scare off investors in a row the following day. Because such a thing is valid on the stock exchange as a profit warning. The loss is the receipt. However, the Executive Board continues to expect a positive return.

Thorsten Winter

Thorsten Winter

Business Editor and Internet Coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

The German participation joins a number of addresses, which also warn of less than expected failing returns. The price collapse was particularly severe at auto supplier Aumann and bottling plant manufacturer Krones. Previously, BASF had already published a profit warning from the Dax.

The company listed in the small-value segment S-Dax has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 1985. Among the companies in which it holds shares, includes the breast implants manufacturer Polytech from Dieburg. Also in the portfolio is the estate agent of Poll from Frankfurt.

The German investment also invests in mechanical engineers and plastics technicians, in service providers for the telecommunications industry and in toolmakers. However, only one branch baker operating in eastern Germany has made headlines recently. "The Purple Baker" had filed for bankruptcy. Also in this respect, the chain is an atypical participation of the Frankfurt.

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