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  • Off for iTunes: The multimedia management software now disappears on the Mac.
  • The files will be available in the future via the apps Music, podcasts and TV.
  • Apple also announced a new high-end Mac and iOS13, iPad OS and macOS Catalina operating systems at its developer conference.

It would have been easy for iTunes to donate an e-mail function, a calendar or a browser, joked Apple manager Craig Federighi. And then announced the end of the 18 year old program. “The future of iTunes is not a single app, but three,” said the message at the annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California.

The functions of the multimedia management software can be found in the future in the Apple programs Music, TV and podcasts.

The general mourning is likely to be limited. iTunes has driven users to despair in recent years with its ever-confusing user interface and complicated device syncing. This synchronization now migrates to the operating system and thus into the background.

On mobile devices, iTunes was anyway only in the form of the “store”, ie the purchase surface available. The “iTunes Store” will not completely disappear on the desktop, but also wander into the sidebar of the Finder. The purchases and downloads can now be found in the corresponding special apps Music, TV and podcasts, which will appear with the new operating system macOS Catalina.

This concludes a story that began on January 9, 2001. At that time, Apple founder Steve Jobs introduced iTunes as a music storage platform that allowed users to digitize their CDs. Two years later, the group iTunes after agreement with the music companies to the download shop. The ability to buy individual tracks has been instrumental in driving fewer and fewer users back to file-sharing services like Napster.

In recent years, however, streaming has replaced retail sales more and more. “Apple Music”, which now completely takes over the music player functions, already exists since 2015 as a flatrate offer and Spotify competitor. Not a few users are likely to have had only the U2 album “Songs of Innocence” in their music library, which impressed them Apple 2014 as a marketing campaign for free.

A legendary failure in 2010 was the endeavor to equip iTunes with a social network for music lovers (“ping”) to rival Facebook and Twitter.

However, iTunes does not completely disappear: Windows users can continue to use Apple's (rather neglected) program to sync with their Apple mobile devices. The three media apps that iTunes is moving to do not exist for Windows.

The further news of the three-hour keynote at a glance.

Privacy and tracking

  • Own login: Apple is moving in with Facebook and Google, enabling Apple ID login to apps and the web. But unlike its competitors, users can decide whether to give their email address to the app or to give Apple a disposable address. The latter, however, should not encourage app developers to add the feature, as they lose the ability to contact customers via e-mail.
  • tracking: For example, GPS tracking in apps can only be approved once, and in future, the iPhone will be alerted when data is collected in the background.

iPhone and iPad

  • Dark Mode for iOS 13: Like the Mac, Apple's mobile devices also have the ability to switch to dark mode, which is supported by all Apple native apps, such as messages and maps. The feature is considered quite popular, but apparently worsens the cognitive recording of information.
  • Photos and Videos: Why it took so long, is unclear, but videos can be rotated in the future 90 degrees and edit with effects.
  • iPad OS: Apple's tablet series gets its own operating system. This is mainly due to the fact that professional users often use the large-format iPads like a laptop. New features include a split-screen view, as well as more detailed folder management and gesture control. In the future, the tablet will also allow USB sticks.
  • Cards: To keep up with the competing products from Google, Apple promises an update that is based on complete remeasurement and should be more detailed. The software gets a Street View clone. Whether the map of Germany will be updated (and Apple cars will take pictures) is still unclear. This year, only the US will receive the new version.
  • AirPods: Siri can directly read incoming messages via the wireless headphones, the answer can be dictated. In addition, users in iOS 13 can listen to music together without having to share the pegs.

Innovations at MacOS Catalina

  • The function “Sidecar”: The “sidecar” makes it possible for the first time to use an iPad as a second display. Conversely, the screen of the iPad can be played on the Mac screen.
  • iOS features that the Mac does: The screen time analysis and some anti-theft features. In the future, Macs with the T2 chip can only be deleted completely by entering the password – bad for thieves who want to resell stolen computers. The “Find My” tracking function does not work via GPS but indirectly: The computer sends Bluetooth signals even when it is idle, and can receive it from any other Apple device nearby.
  • Conversion: Developers should be able to convert iPad apps relatively easily into Mac apps. This is a sign of how the software base for Tablet and Mac is increasingly merging.

Hardware and other

  • New MacPro: After six years, Apple updates its high-end computer. The new desktop computing model comes with an Intel Xeon processor with up to 28 cores, up to 1.5 terabytes of memory, eight PCI interfaces, and optionally four 56 teraflops graphics cards. It costs, however, in the basic equipment just under 6000 dollars. The associated display (XDR) has 32 inches, a 6k Retina monitor with a resolution of 6016 times 3284 pixels and costs about 5000 dollars. German prices are not known yet.
  • TVOS 13: The television platform follows the industry standard and offers multi-user interfaces. Xbox and Playstation now support the software.
  • Health functions: The health app receives new features and now allows women to enter and follow their menstrual cycle.
  • WatchOS 6: The smartwatch gets its own app store, programs do not have to have any more iPhone twins. For this purpose, the use of specialized in the direction of fitness and health. Users can now compare their physical activities not just monthly, but over a longer period of time. Watch makers can measure the noise level in the environment and be alerted when it is too loud.

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