Developer Forza Motorsport emphasizes: ray tracing is active in real-time during gameplay

After a long period of silence, the upcoming Forza Motorsport finally showed itself again last week. Microsoft unpacked during the Xbox & Bethesda Games showcase with a trailer and a gameplay demo, which gave us a good look at the racing game for the first time. Then Turn 10 Studios shared even more information in an extensive video in which the developer also went deeper into one specific topic: ray tracing.

Forza Motorsport looked beautiful in the recent images and Turn 10 Studios already announced that the game also has ray tracing, which should provide even better pictures. The only question was how far the implementation of ray tracing will go. An example that was cited by some people is Gran Turismo 7. That game also has ray tracing, but only during replays and when you’re looking at cars in your garage, for example. During actual gameplay, ray tracing is not active in Gran Turismo 7.

That’s why it was a valid question when ray tracing is really active in Forza Motorsport creative director Chris Esaki has now clarified this. Esaki clearly emphasizes that ray tracing in Forza Motorsport is active in real-time when you are actually playing the game and not just in specific situations outside of gameplay. He emphasizes that Turn 10 Studios does not want to fool anyone and therefore speaks plainly to avoid misunderstandings.

“Ray tracing is here. It’s on track and most importantly, it’s real-time gameplay. I really want to make that clear: when we say ‘on track’, it doesn’t mean it’s only in replays or it’s only in Photo Mode on track and we’re just being funny with words. We’re not trying to mislead you here. When you’re racing and when you are playing the game, ray tracing is on. We want to be really clear about that.”

“When you’re playing it, it’s a level of immersion there that can be subtle at times but it’s a thing that really just pulls you into the visuals and experience unlike we’ve had before. When we talk about ray tracing, yeah, it looks amazing: it looks photo-real, it looks immersive, and you get that in gameplay – I want to be really clear about that.”

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