Technology Devices and objects that affect Wi-Fi the most

Devices and objects that affect Wi-Fi the most

What devices and objects can affect Wi-Fi

As we say, there are certain devices and objects that can greatly harm the quality of wireless networks. This could lead to noticeable loss of speed, less coverage, and less stability. It is important to know what can affect us to obviously prevent them from being close to our router.

Home appliances

The home appliances at home can greatly affect Wi-Fi. We are talking, for example, of washing machines, microwaves, refrigerators … All this can interfere with the signal and make the speed and quality not be the best.

In our home we have many electronic equipment that are part of our day to day. Ideally, the router should be as far away from them as possible. It is a bad idea to put the router next to the TV, next to other devices such as video players. It is also close to a washing machine, refrigerator or microwave, for example.

Monitors and equipment operating at 2.4 GHz

As we know, there are different types of equipment that work through the 2.4 GHz band, just like Wi-Fi (although it can also work in the 5 GHz band). Here we can mention the microwave as one of the best examples. Also a cordless phone or even baby monitors.

All these devices can interfere with the 2.4 GHz signal. This means that our wireless connectivity could be impaired. It is important that we move the router as far away from these sources as possible.

Christmas lights

A theme that has always been on the table is Christmas lights. They have always been related to the loss of Wi-Fi signal. Now, what is true in this? This is so since they produce an electromagnetic field that affects the wireless signal. Whether to a greater or lesser extent, it is true that they can affect the network.

Therefore another bad idea would be to place the router next to Christmas lights or any type of similar lights. It could cause a malfunction.

Otros routers

Course have other routers nearby It can affect the Wi-Fi signal. Let’s say we live in a building and have neighbors with other wireless equipment. This could affect the signal and impair the proper functioning of the navigation.

In this sense, it is very important to choose well the channel to which we connect. As we know there are different channels in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. It is necessary that we take one that is free.

Computers using Bluetooth

The equipment they use Bluetooth They can also interfere with Wi-Fi. We have many devices that use this network in our home. It can even be a wireless mouse. Also headphones and any others that use this standard.

Whenever we are going to install a Wi-Fi router and we want the operation to be as optimal as possible, it is necessary that it be away from this type of equipment.

Improve Bluetooth signal

Walls and walls

Leaving home appliances and devices aside, they also logically affect walls and walls. In this sense, the thicker they are, the worse. Also materials like concrete.

This will primarily affect coverage. The more walls and walls there are, the less range our Wi-Fi network will have.

Metal surfaces

If there is something that affects Wi-Fi it is the metal surfaces and objects. Having an iron plate, a metal coated table, can prevent wireless waves from passing normally. This is something that can greatly damage the quality of the signal.

Pipes and water pipes

Finally, we must also mention the pipes and other water pipes. It is another issue that can significantly harm Wi-Fi coverage in our home. It is vital that the router is away from it.


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