Dexter: There is no retirement age for a serial killer

Dexter is back in vain, exchanging his serial killer career for lumberjack in the worst series finish of all time. A lot of the effort, the nostalgia, still works.

It usually always smells more or less sweaty if a successful series is dug out of the drawer again after a long time to pull off another skin from it. If, however, there is a series in the world for which it really has a raison d’être, or even a special fit, it is Dexter. A Jeff Lindsay Showtime launched a series based on a novel based on his novel in 2006, and the story of a serial killer working as a police blood analyst has hit viewers so much that he has had eight distinctly good and successful seasons – and then he gets the worst ending to universal series history. Half the world laughed at Dexter, who was mourning his own death and grieving like a lumberjack with a huge beard, the other half was annoyed – not to be outright justified, as one of the best series on offer at the time had been set in the ground.

The news that Dexter is back, aroused both fear and hope in the fans. On the one hand, there is no depth to which Dexter can still be pushed into after the awful series finale, and on the other hand, the perfectly legitimate question arises:

an unworthy ending here or there, do we have to rank our favorite serial killer among the recycled serial actors?

Without knowing any official information, one can outline in one’s mind what a Dexter reboot can be about: there is no retirement age for serial killers, and presumably Dexter won’t tear the tree in the middle of the ice forever, his past will sooner or later drag him back to his bloody hobby. The preview and the promotional material underlined all of this several times, slamming old characters into the story as cliché honeysuckle. Dexter is really stuck in the middle of nowhere, but beard and woodcutting are a thing of the past: an esteemed member of a small town who works in a gun shop, and the sheriff is his girlfriend. His bloodthirsty self, christened Dark Companion, was given a muzzle, which was then quite strained by the bloated golden boy arriving in the small town, who, moreover, had spots in his past that made old Dexter reflexively reach for the scalpel.

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The basic situation is not accidental, the first season started in practically the same line-up. Although the snowy little town could not be further away from the hustle and bustle of sunny Miami with the retreating Dexter, the same thing happens in Pepita: Dexter breads people with donuts during the day while he has free access to the police, punishes the evil with duct tape and scalpels at night.

All this is not so surprising in light of the fact that it was brought back on reboot Clyde Phillipset, who was a showrunner and producer for the first four seasons. Phillips also deeply agreed with viewers that the end of the series was awful, but he didn’t want to make the ending happen, leaving the events of the past to continue the Dexter story.

Based on the first two parts, Dexter’s new season is expected to divide the audience into two parts:

they are lightly smeared on bread for those who are content to reheat the usual Dexter recipe, and in fact, buffalo nostalgia is likely to dull their senses so much that even the smell of sweat is suppressed by the pink mist.

The years since the eighth season, and the awful finish, have matured many fans to feel like they’re happy with anything that brings back some of the excitement of the first seasons, in fact, any Dexter who doesn’t work as a lumberjack is really suitable. So for one thing, the scandalously weak finale was good: it was relatively easy to build up from such a low point. For this reason, it is understandable why the Phillips chose the safety game, they also knew that now is not the time for brave experimentation, the wounds need to be treated with a little nostalgia for the time being.

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In this sense, even an army of the dead has been deployed, for there are plenty of them: Dexter’s brother, Debra, is returning, and even one of the best antagonists in the series, the Trinity Assassin, John Lithgow is. Obviously, it’s not too hard to figure out which character in the living will find Dexter, but that’s more to make it clear to everyone in the series. In addition to the actors, the creators are constantly winking at fans of the series with fanservice-like delicacies. It’s hard not to smile when it comes to series Iggy Pop The Passengerstarts a year, but a hard-line Dexter fan is likely to scream even deeper when we see a super close-up of the meat squeaking in the pan, evoking the iconic intro of the series.

From a moment like this, they’re multiplying in the first episode, especially with the re-dexteration of a serial killer living under the pseudonym Jim Lindsay. However, there are also painfully missing elements: neither the news nor the ashes of the already mentioned intro, and Daniel light even his great music only appeared under the title of the end. The composer in charge of the melodies of previous seasons no longer understood the return of the serial killer, he died of cancer in 2017.

However, beyond the nostalgia factor twisted to the ceiling, the start of the season is disappointingly mundane and predictable, the first episode has pretty much no original moment, and the second seems to be unable to decide what it wants to be.


While the first episode bursts into Dexter’s Dark Companion and outlines pretty much where the plot is going – not surprisingly exactly the same as in previous seasons – the second part is already much more striking. A completely unfamiliar line from the series has been forced into the usual detective thread, which is accompanied by many more spiritual scenes between Dexter and one of the returning characters. As if suffering from a minor identity crisis Dexter: New Blood, wanting to be a frosty Scandinavian crime, teen movie and drama at the same time, while also clinging to his nails to evoke the usual Dexter mood, he still didn’t pull in with as much elementary force as he used to.

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Of course, it’s also possible that it’s all just a feed for now, but based on the predictability shown in the first two episodes, it’s not hard to put together what’s going to happen pretty much. Reboot is so far not only cheap at the story level, but the same token can be applied to the quality of the visuals, from the awful CGI deer to the unnecessarily artificial bluish shots. It also seems elusive to involve Debra, who this time appears as Dexter’s inner voice, and for the time being, there is no reason for her to return to pluck the strings of nostalgia with her. The aimlessness of the character falls out already in the second part, where the constantly roaring brother is more than just annoying.

A Dexter: New Blood a cheeky security game, the most annoying part of which is that it works for some reason.

No matter how much you seem to be trying to fill the gaps in the restart with the good old Dexter sense of life, the start is still enjoyable – or just too good to see again the popular character you’ve been treated so badly in the final season. It makes no sense to draw long-term conclusions yet, as there are still eight episodes left in the series, and there are countless chances to get Dexter out of the crowd. The more indulgent fans have probably already won so much with the creators, now they just have to be careful not to miss out on the season-ending again that Dexter never gets up again.

A Dexter: New Blood is currently only available on Showtime, no news has been received about the Hungarian release.


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