DFB appeased in case Ilkay Gündogan and Emre Can


Dhe spokesman for the national team intervened after the second question. It would not do any good to ask the national coach any further questions about the likes of Ilkay Gündogan and Emre Can, and the answers would not be any different, the DFB man told journalists at the press conference after defeating Estonia 3-0 , In addition, Joachim Löw missing detailed knowledge immediately after the game. He asks for your understanding. Still sporty questions?

Michael Horeni

The national coach, it seemed, was the resolute commitment of his press secretary in Tallinn quite right. And probably was not so wrong with his assessment that Joachim Löw his answers in political matter shortly before the witching hour would probably only vary. At least until then, the national coach had shown no interest in commenting on a matter that upsets many fans, which went far beyond the football field and touched on perhaps the darkest chapter of the German national team of recent years. “The best statement Ilkay gave today on the pitch: with his answer, with his two goals,” said the coach. It's like saying it all. And as if one could create thoughtless or unintentional political commentary when you hit the gate.

The more simple-minded approach to more complex political and social issues is used in the German national team and the DFB. But not only there, which is generally true in professional football, in men's football, one should add. Because when you look wider and look at how American footballer Megan Rapinoe uses the sporting stage to differentiating social views, and moves at the height of political discussion, this makes the differences, self-image and sense of responsibility to most visible to her male colleagues (not only) in the German national team.

In the national team, they saw themselves forced around the sporting victory again for political damage limitation. “I took back the like when I saw that it was politically scored. It is true that I was happy for my former team-mate from the DFB-U21, that he made the winning goal. Believe me, after the last year, the last thing I wanted to do was make a political statement. I consciously withdrew the “Like”, Gündogan said shortly before the game began, when it became clear that the political discussion would pick up speed. Can told the “Bild” newspaper, which had reported on the post, also before the game: “I liked the post of Tosun, whom I have known for a long time, while scrolling, without any intention and to pay attention to the content. I am an absolute pacifist and against any kind of war. “

Even the national coach had already heard on the way to the stadium that Gündogan and Can had a photo of their buddy Cenk Tosun on Instagram geliked – and later withdrew their consent again. The shot shows the saluting goal scorers next to two Turkish players, who also greet on the court militarily. Tosun wrote: “For our nation, especially for those who risk their lives for our country.” The European Football Union (Uefa) has meanwhile announced investigations for a similar shot, a crew photo from the cabin after the victory over Albania , on which all Turkish players salute, it says: “Dedicated to the brave soldiers and martyrs.” The connection to the internationally much criticized ground offensive of the Turkish forces in northern Iraq against the Kurds, which has condemned the German Foreign Minister “is in the strongest terms On the hand. However, political statements in the stadium are prohibited under international football regulations.

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