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The former national player Nia Kuenzer showed a lucky touch in the draw for the first round of the DFB Cup. The Eintracht travels to Mannheim, Darmstadt is measured with the rebel Northern Lights. SVWW and Baunatal also have interesting opponents.

The Eintracht Frankfurt will be at the start of this year's DFB Cup at the Waldhof Mannheim in the third league. The result was the draw of the German Football Museum in Dortmund on Saturday. The former Frankfurt national player Nia Künzer behaved like a loser and gave both companies in this function a sort of friendly match for a competitive match: for years the Eintracht and Mannheim have forged a strong friendship.

"For our fans, of course, this is a party," said Eintracht sports director Fredi Bobic. "Waldhof Mannheim is a great, ambitious opponent, and we play for a traditional club, which celebrated a great success with the promotion".

One thing is clear: despite all the sympathy, the winner of the 2018 cup wants and must win the game. The fact that the Eintracht with the role of alien favorites from time to time, however, showed last year, when the new owner retired directly in the first round of the fourth SSV Ulm division.

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Darmstadt 98 with brash Oberneuländern

The second division SV Darmstadt 98 is also the favorite in his first meeting with FC Oberneuland. The Bremen district club starts the 5th championship – and apparently is not afraid of big names. Lilies referred to a club spokesperson during the draw ceremony in the first as a "viable opponent".

Darmstadt sporting director Carsten Wehlmann showed a bit more moderation and as usual he announced that he would not underestimate the opponent. "However, we know of our role as a favorite and will prepare ourselves accordingly to do it justice."

Wehen Wiesbaden calls Cologne

SV Wehen Wiesbaden has, after the promotion of the 2nd Bundesliga, a former second division in front of the chest. L & # 39; FC Cologne, just returned Beletage champion of German football, hosted in the first round of the Cup at Hessen. I look forward to seeing you again with my friends Armin Veh and Frank Aehlig, "said Nico Schäfer, managing director of sport, marketing and communication at SVWW.

The favorite Cologne expects an unpleasant opponent, but at least is happy that the journey with just under two hours should be manageable.

So lucky: Baunatal receives Bochum

As the fourth and last representative of the Hesse among the 64 participants in the first round, the KSV Baunatal takes part in the cup competition. And the Hessenligist got his biggest wish – not to meet TSG Hoffenheim – full of everything. Künzer led the Baunatalern to a duel with the second division VfL Bochum.

The first round of the cup will be played from 9 to 12 August. The punctual start of the matches still follows.

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