DGAIA urges juvenile centers to welcome all those who bring the mossos

Barcelona, ​​Sep 20 (EFE) .- The Directorate General for Attention to Children and Adolescents (DGAIA) has sent a letter to all social entities that manage centers for minors in which it urges them to welcome all immigrant minors without family references who arrive accompanied by the Mossos d’Esquadra.

The letter literally says: “all minors that police officers transfer to the centers must be welcomed.”

The Federation of Entities for the Care of Children and Adolescents (FEDAIA) has today expressed its “bewilderment” by the notification of the Generalitat to receive by police order young migrants without family references, after some of them have passed the night in the police station due to lack of facilities where they can be welcomed.

The FEDAIA, which groups 95 entities for the protection and care of children and adolescents from all over Catalonia, has said that “it hopes to work with the utmost loyalty to find a social solution to the emergency situation without putting the host entities at risk. “.

However, it has shown its “surprise, bewilderment and perplexity by the notification from the Generalitat, which also indicates that once the minors brought by the Mossos have been welcomed” immediately notice of this arrival will have to be given so that the protocols established by this are activated. exceptional and unexpected situation, trying to relocate them as quickly as possible “.

The entities understand that it is an “exceptional measure, the result of an extraordinary situation such as the one we are living in”, with an avalanche of arrivals of unaccompanied immigrant minors, which has multiplied that of previous years.

In a statement, the FEDAIA said that “it trusts the good work of the general management to reestablish the circuits and the protocols of action that preserve the choice of the appropriate service for each of the young people.”

For this reason, the FEDAIA considers that the criteria for the reception of young people in the protection system led by the DGAIA must be returned, “in no case in the hands solely of the police forces.”

The FEDAIA says it is “disconcerted” by the notification from the Generalitat “that entails a responsibility to arbitrarily welcome young people without protecting professional teams or young people already cared for.”

It so happens that most of the reception centers are already overcrowded with minors, with the conflicts that this generates, and, according to the entities, “the circuits endorsed until yesterday guaranteed a good reception by young people.”

“Locating young migrant minors without family references directly from the Mossos does not guarantee to adapt this income to the most suitable service and that can guarantee the necessary protection,” argue the entities, who remember that they must “put the limits of care where it can be to get”.

To date, in Catalonia there are 2,000 young migrants without family references, 83% of them from Morocco.

The number of young people who have arrived in Catalonia has increased by 153% between January and August of this year and daily, it is estimated that between 20 and 30 young people arrive in Catalonia without family accompaniment.

While in 2006, the number of young migrants without family references who arrived in Catalonia was 507, the number has been growing, reaching 684 in 2016, 1,489 in 2017 and at the end of August 2018 there were 2,000.

The federation of entities has stressed that it has always shown the maximum predisposition to collaborate and work “side by side” with the Administration “without putting the protection system at stake.” EFE

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