DHF cases are increasing, PALI Health Office urges people to be vigilant, if necessary, ask for abate powder to go to the health center

SRIPOKU.COM, PALI – The Acting Head of the PALI District Health Office (Dinkes), Dr. Zamir Alvi appealed to residents to be aware of Aedes Aegypti mosquito attacks around the community environment.

According to him, in the last one month cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) have increased, due to changes in weather which until now it is still raining.

“Currently the rainy season is delayed, so the rainy season is longer. So, people are advised to be aware of the spread of dengue cases,” he said, Friday (3/17/2023).

Zamir called on all people to live a clean and healthy lifestyle and to do 3M plus in the home environment.

“Draining water reservoirs, closing water reservoirs tightly, burying used items and avoiding mosquito bites,” he said.

His party has also prepared Abate powder for people in need.

“For Abate powder, people can ask directly to the Puskesmas. There are seven health centers spread across five sub-districts. Then, it will also be distributed to sub-districts and villages,” he said.

According to him, the Health Office is also tightening monitoring of larvae.

And it is hoped that later it will be held clean Friday by the community initiated by the lurah or village head.

Meanwhile for fogging, his party will spray fogging when a DHF case is found in one area.

“For fogging it can’t be arbitrary. It is carried out at 08.00 – 10 WIB and 14.00-16.00 WIB,” he said.

“Then the Aedes Aegypti mosquito flies within a radius of 200 meters, so when there is a case, we spray it within a radius of about 200 meters,” he explained.

Director of Talang Ubi Hospital, Dr. Hj Tri Fitrianti said, currently there are eight cases of dengue being treated at Talang Ubi Hospital.

Admittedly, this figure has increased from the previous month.

“Before the middle of the month there were eight cases, there may be an addition,” he said.

“Therefore, people are asked to be more vigilant and implement 3M plus and adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle,” he concluded.

Source: Sriwijaya Post

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