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The former Giallorossi coach: “Now I’m looking for a project, I like Spain”

“From the Champions League semifinal to the stop. Football is without memory, but it is part of the game. – says Eusebio By Francesco interviewed by Massimo Cecchini on – However, when, as in my case, a coach does not do well for just over thirty games – between Sampdoria, Cagliari and Verona – it is also because he has not had the opportunity to give continuity to a job. However, I do not escape from my responsibilities. Among other things, it was said that I was tied to money, instead I tell you that at Sampdoria – where I wanted to leave already on the 2nd day because I did not agree with the choices – there was talk of exemption, while I terminated, leaving nearly two years. I did the same thing in Cagliari, because the plans had not been respected: I had a 3 million release clause removed. I like to train with the right people. “

Let’s go back to his forgotten Rome: amazed?

“Let’s say there is a bit of regret. I have no grudge, but just the desire to get back into the game. After all, I also brought Sassuolo to the Europa League. Returning to the Champions League with the Giallorossi, the” remuntada “with Barcelona was not born a week, but from a path. The European mentality is what I like “.

It has been said that you were too corporate, agreeing to have the team dismantled.

“I’ll tell you a background. After Malcolm’s no, we wanted to take him, but he told us:” I don’t want to be a second choice. “In addition to being an extraordinary guy, Domenico showed he also had balls.”

But is it true that the Monchi management was a disaster for you?

“They are generalizations. Of course, the second year our relationship changed. Something had worn out and I stepped aside a bit, instead I had to go bump with my ideas.”

Do you like the Friedkin management?

“A lot. I rejoiced for the Conference and I liked the transfer market. It was done wisely. Roma are built well as a tactical identity. For me they can take away satisfaction. Before, if they lost it was a tragedy, now they talk about it positively. , which is good for the team. But first there was a bad mood towards the top of the club, for the little bond that had been created “.

Gamer or resultant?

“Now I would like to get in the way, but I see more willingly a game than those who play well. Pioli made enormous progress. Last year Milan were not the strongest, but they were a team.”

Now what project can seduce you?

“One in Italy or in Spain, where you play 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 that I like, even in mentality. In the past, for example, Sevilla wanted me.”

If he could go back what would he not do again?

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