Diane Keaton reveals that she hasn't been released in 35 years


Diane Keaton revealed in a recent interview that she has not been released in more than thirty years.

"Let's make it clear. That's important. I didn't have an appointment, I'd say, 35," Keaton said In style for their "badass" problem in August. "No date."

The actress said she has many male friends but not "mwah-mwah".

Keaton told the magazine that she is busy with work and friends but is not informed. "Never, all right!" She laughed.

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The Annie Hall the actress attended several prominent men, including Al Pacino and Warren Beatty.

"I think I am the only one of my generation and maybe before who was a single woman for all her life," he said People last May.

"(I'm not sad) because I think I need more than a maternal aspect. I don't think it would have been a good idea for me to marry," he said People.

"I'm sure they are happy too."

But he also admitted that maybe he shouldn't have gone out with famous actors.

"When I was young, I was trying to be loved by these amazing people," Keaton said. "I think I shouldn't have been so seduced by talent.

"When you're both doing the same job, it's not so nice. I should have just found a nice human being, a type of family."

This story first appeared on Fox News and is reproduced with permission

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